Viral News ‘Is it Too Late to Beat Her. My 15-year-old Daughter Thinks Guys...

‘Is it Too Late to Beat Her. My 15-year-old Daughter Thinks Guys with Small D*cks will Go to Hell _ Woman Reveals as She Reads Child’s Diary


A mother is crying out for help after stumbling upon some disturbing piece, which she read in her fifteen year old daughter's diary.A mother is crying out for help after stumbling upon some disturbing piece,

According to the mom, who wrote to relationship expert Joro Olumofin, she saw a condom in her daughter’s possession.

Joro Olumofin, took to his Instagram blog page to share the story of a lady who after discovering and reading the contents of her 15-year-old daughter’s diary, feels she has failed as a mother.

She added that she has never beaten her and her daughter fears her grandmother more than she fears her mom. This, she said, was caused of the soft way she brought her up due to being a single parent.

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See screenshot of the mail below:

'Is it Too Late to Beat Her. My 15-year-old Daughter Thinks Guys with Small D*cks will Go to Hell _ Woman Reveals as She Reads Child's Diary



  1. Such thoughts is a myth passed on to her in so many indirect ways. When most ladies or many of them like big dicks its a true taste of feelin. Pls tell her it’s not true, but both has it areas as to where they fits in.

  2. Shebi tekno have told them about big cassava okwaya? Sex education is a tool that can be used to address issues of cassava among teens… Nawa oooo. This story shock me shaa

  3. woman dat does not mean she is no longer a virgin,maybe her frnds told her so,jst have a talk with her.

  4. I think u should talk to her,educate her more abt sex.she may hve heard it frm her friends in school or seen it on d net.when u talk to her,talk to her as a friend she will understand

  5. Hmmmmmmm this is tough. Bible said Spare the sword and spoil the child. Guess u actually did forget to use the cane. It’s never too late, there is always a second chance; only the dead lack such chances. Sit her down, tell her a story about u, do not start telling her it’s u, tell her it’s about a girl. Every woman have a soft part in their heart try to reach it. Make her see know she is treading on a dangerous part. She will change. Do not expect an instant change. Give it time. Make her see u as a person she can confine in. Make her see u as a friend not only as a mother. I believe she will. Also commit her in prayer. The Bible said “the heart of a king is in God’s hands and he can do as he please with it”. Do not loose faith. She is still young and u can remold her now before its too late.

  6. Teens of nowadays ,shocking story I must say… Educate her n let her know if she dare it she will get pregnant…

  7. Its the moms fault plus the papa fault too,… Keep an eye on your children at all time,… Teach them what dey needed to know don’t allow outsiders to do the work for you, secure ur daughter, if ever at young age a guy start touching their private, at that age sex seems to them like the sweetest thing ever on earth, at such age they believe in true love, they are ever emotional, all they do is to please their bf,… If she start having sex at such age its hard to deal with it,.. It becomes psychological, she will start sexchatting and using big object on her pnunani, … Her brain comes down around her p**sy, she starts thinking with her p**sy… She will be nick named … Iyom nju!?.. Did you beg me and I refuse?.. Keziah etc… She becomes a girl who has beauty without brains then her private parts suffers the most… 4give my long note… Start early to caution your children. Pls make out time for them, the world is sick!!!!

  8. Its never too late to beat ur own children.even my dad dey beat uptill nowso buy cain n flog her ďnt beat with hand.seize her phne n stop her frm seeing anyone especially her friends.if she is in boarding school bring her home let her be going to school frm home.SPARE THE ROD AND SPOIL THE CHILD.words of an elder.

  9. U should have heart to heart talk with her, I don’t think beating her is really necessary. Because that won’t change the fact that she spoilt already. Trying beating her might make her wanna run away from home

  10. were ,were u wen she is 10yrs?u didn’t take good care of dat girl,tank god u notice,early is beta for u now.u beta correct ur mistake as a mother,

  11. I feel ur pain ma 1st; I did say u shuld be friendly, loving, kind and so on… Pray for her… Bring her closer to God wit a pastor…. If she is proving stubborn den I advise u shuld take her to some1 who she fears or respect dat can instill #discipline into her. It wuld definitely be a gradual process. All d bst

  12. One thing i have 2 say is ‘Too much of everythin is bad’, discipline her by teachin her morals usin real life examples. Makin her nt associate wil increase d whole tin coz she would seek 4 dt she z yet 2 knw.

  13. Beating won’t solve a thing instead it will make her more curious and this is danger ahead. Take her out to a place were u two can discuss the issue privately .ask her how she got to know.and use your words carefully to explain .and advice her to come to u freely if there is anything on her earn her trust and friendship you need to be good pals.God will give u the wisdom. Amen

  14. Parent every stage in a child’s life needs to be explained to them.dont do it at the wrong time.

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  16. The answer is talking to her. But u asking if u should beat ur child is a choice o madam, Cos my mama still dey slap me at my age. Pikin no dey too big for him parents. This is Africa, Nigeria to be precise not Europe etc.

  17. wel wat can I say probably she is still a virgin bt heard her friends discussing abt it,den tend to write abt it.cum to tink of it y we she say men wit smal dick we go to hell dat is to show dat, she still tink like a child she is, so sit her down as a mom talk to her and caution her don’t tink u hv failed as a mother beside she is still ur daughter I tink she will understand.. let’s stop hallucinating

  18. Lol it all depends on u,d mother if she fears her granny Dan u dat means u really hv to cum up wif sumtin oo don’t allow her to start tasting big..big dick o if not yawa don gas, I still blv she will change bt with time, jx continue to lament on d issue

  19. Comment:every individual practice what is in his or her heart, so no fingers should be pointed at anybody, if my mother will givebirth to me at 17, what do u expect of me, look at her parents history and mother should tell her de reality about herself


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