Editorials Top 5's 16 Celebrities Who Look Insanely Hot In Yoga Pants

16 Celebrities Who Look Insanely Hot In Yoga Pants


Yoga pants are having a moment. There’s a love-hate relationship with these form fitting pants
with elastic waistbands, that were originally designed to practice yoga with more comfort. Today, yoga pants aren’t just used for practicing yoga, but instead, they’re worn at the gym, while running errands, lounging around the house, and even in the office. Some think these pants should be reserved for the gym. Many others love seeing the form-fitting fashion out and about.

From a female perspective, these pants are ridiculously comfortable. And although criticisms have been leveled at this fashion fad – they’re too casual, or too skin tight – it hasn’t stopped some of the most famous designer brands from creating their own line of yoga pants.

From a male perspective, yoga pants have been gifted to fashion directly from the Gods. Because these leggings and workout pants are so tight and form fitting, they bring lots of attention to the booty, and even give it an extra lift. Of course, not everyone can pull off yoga pants – it requires a particularly admirable butt to make these pants look good. The celebrities on this list don’t just look OK in yoga pants – they look painfully good.

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These shots of celebs in their yoga pants are sure to provide fitspiration for the women out there, and a whole other sort of inspiration for the men…

16. Eliza Dushku

Most of us know Eliza Dushku as Faith from Joss Whedon’s series, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” as well for a slew of other movies that came out in the late nineties and early 2000’s. Recently, Eliza has been doing a lot of partnering with Joss in bringing new television shows as well as making guest appearances on shows and cameos in a bunch of movies. If that wasn’t busy enough, Eliza also lends her voice to various video game characters as a voice over artist.
You can catch Eliza often wearing yoga pants, as it is probably the most quick and comfortable wear that accommodates her busy schedule. And since she looks as great as  she does, she can keep sporting the yoga pants as long as she wants to.

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  1. Dis type suld be wore inside aos. Seduce your man or bf not outside…. I need one for my woman… Yoga indeed

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