News 2 Dolphins Killed and Shared For Cooking After Being Caught In Bayelsa...

2 Dolphins Killed and Shared For Cooking After Being Caught In Bayelsa State…


2 dolphins were killed in Bayelsa State yesterday.

According to Facebook User who shared the photos, They were caught in Brass local government area of Bayelsa State at the early hours of today.

I wonder why people decided to butcher the poor animals though. 



  1. Provided they didn’t kill it and then throw it away I see nothing bad here.. If this kind fish or maybe shark catch u for inside water u go know say u be meat too

  2. These people are ignorant of what they just did… Dolphins are beautiful harmless creatures and should be treated with love and respect…. Why would anyone wanna butcher a life saver on Sea?….. That’s ridiculous!

    • What abt Titus, catfish, mackerel, are they not harmless? Let them enjoy Wat dey can lay their hands on, after all God didn’t command us not to eat any harmless fish. Enjoy urselves jare!

    • But you eat food…. All those fruit and vegetables and meat that you ate tell me what they did to you……… Women and low brain….. Unsatisfied Creatures

    • Catfish I know isn’t harmless at all @ Olawale Joshua Jinadu… And other kinds you just mentioned would let you drown but a dolphin would never….. That’s my point.. I’m not saying it isn’t edible my point is… For the special attribute its posses…. It should be cherished not killed… Don’t misunderstand me hun.

    • Chris Classic their shouldn’t be cause for insults dear… We are all entitled to our different opinions… I suggest you don’t refer to women as low brains and unsatisfied creatures…. Please because your mother I suppose is a woman too.

    • @ Pretty Chi. Babe u no gt point here forgt dis forming. Na nijia we dey we no be white people

    • If you can eat other fishes on daily basis then feel free to watch people eat dolphins without complain…. Listen to yourself you even say cat fishes are harmful, is that your only reason why they deserve to be eaten? Do cat fishes come to your home or office to harm you?

    • Yaks Isiaka Adams I think you are miss understanding me. I’m not saying dolphins can’t serve as food.. All I’m saying is… Since they serve another significant purpose besides food… Don’t you think it’s wise not to butcher it? Now tell me what other purpose you know cat fish serves besides food?..enlighten me then… Really.. We all should learn to air our view without insulting or looking down on other people’s opinion…. It’s a free world u know….

    • Pretty chichi if you read through my comment carefully you will see i didnt insult u……. As for u Mr AG edward i wont be dragged into your childish game cuz i know ur type inside out…..

    • Dolphin is a life serving creatures, but that doesn’t mean we can’t it, we are given right to eat every sea food and animals read the book of Genesis from 1 to end u will get some clarity my dear pretty chi

    • I never said it can’t be eaten, sweetie @ Ugboma Nkechukwu… Don’t get me wrong…. It’s fish after all.. Now let me ask you… Dogs can bite right?.. But would you kill your pet dog you’ve probably raised from puppy to maturity? Just because it’s meat?.. Well if you can then it’s alright.. I can’t.. And that’s applicable to this dolphin issue….

  3. Is tilapia red head fish n other fish not friendly n harmless how come ppl kills n eat them with pleasure n can’t do same to dolphin?.

    • My dear Pretty Chi don’t say wat u don’t know go to YouTube or Google dolphin attack before u comment. For every beauty there is beast wen triggered. Dog cat n some other animals r pets n life savers n still they attack once a while

  4. Why naw too bad Nigerians this is so embarrassing. plz it friendly harmless beautiful thing . It a dolphins for crying out loud…this is so ridiculous jezz!

    • But the other fishes you eat on daily basis are harmful right? I am not in support of killing these dolphins but…..

    • Adams dolphins r just like we humans.. Dolphins saves life.. They r friendly creature eating dolphins is like eating human being

    • I think u guys should go and raised one dolphin just like a pet and also keep it in ur house,all dis aquatic animals are meant 4 eaten and if u don’t eat them does’nt mean others should not o.

  5. Ignorant they say is profitable to direct…dis pple are ignorance to kill an harmless creature..omg I love dolphins

  6. Nigerians have no chill.Oyinbos will be make sure they turn the dolphins facing up to ensure they breathe properly and then push then back into the sea but 9ger go first reason how much be fish now…big opportunity

  7. Mehn yall capable of murder…..its a dolphin for fucks sake, friendly in all kinda way…sometimes d belly cloud one’s sense of judgment, but it shouldnt make u heartless

  8. I do not know wether to laugh or to cry seeing this kind of behaviour from these people.Do they have any idea the shame they have brought to this country with such an act that speaks volume of how we do not appereciate one of the most beautiful animal that is listed as an endangered specie and this babaric killings just increased their chances of becoming extinct!.Why una go kill dat animal when plenty fish boku for water?..I no just understand this people ooh!!

  9. They are ignorant of themself i mean why will they kill a dolphin a sea goddess for that matter this is real bad in my country we treat dolphins like human play with them no a law must be involved

  10. All of u speaking grammars here forming oyibo forgot that there are serious hunger going on in Nigeria now,buhari and Apc recession and u tell people not to eat the available food they found,hw does their friendliness affect the current hunger going on in Nigeria now?

    • Shut up so eating DAT animal will stop hunger shebi!!!!pls reason before u talk….90% of people eating DAT fish are hungry…its just because day have not seen it before dey decided to eat it

    • MacDonald Nwabia,tell me where in the Bible or in Nigerian constitution that says eating of dolphin is forbidden,if not,it means u re foolish and unreasonable and u re the one to shut up ur ugly mouth

  11. Wait. Dolphins? Why killing it naw. I’ve already known dolphins to be a fish that gives peace and joy. It doesnt hurt. So, why removing the lives out of them. Nigerians!!! Our problems are so numerous

  12. Excusé moi? Do people eat dolphins? Are dolphins for eating? Seriously speaking, this is my first time of hearing that dolphins can be killed for eating. I trust nigerians. No fish-like creature is permitted to pass their way. All are eatable by them, even shark sef

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  14. So sad. But this is my country; where every thing is edible including green snake.

  15. Una never hear say, this dolphins dey protect them for Libya sea?, too bad. I heard someone testifying how they were been rescued by this dolphin and how they helped them cross the sea you will be amaze .

  16. This is what Nigerians pay in dollars to see when they travel overseas…they are beautiful and harmless.

  17. Please people way they defend dolphins, I hope you don’t kill or eat Chicken, Goat, Cow, Turkey and the rest cos dey are equally harmless.

  18. Na wahoo for Nigerians make una grow up.. Una no see wetin other countries dey do with those beautify creatures

  19. Too bad guys, you can’t just be killing any creature for consumption, keep some. Dolphins habitat should be a tourist habitat.

  20. You caught it and killed it and ate it to shit it tomorrow. But will pay top $$$ and travel to overseas and pay again just to watch it in their zoos or amusement parks. Smh. Oh Africa! Common sense no be common again.

  21. Toward d ending of 2016, many were caught stealing food stuffs, killing de innocent dolphines ah blame it un hunger mehn….

  22. After reading this,my friend Douglas said this and I agree with him… He said there are other gentle, harmless and perhaps live-saving animals that we human beings do no hesitate to butcher for our eating satisfaction… Rams,goat,cow,dogs and all other assorted animals….. So therefore insofar as there’s no law against hunting and/or taboo against eating,it is food…especially in this recession period…just like the lion that was killed sometime ago in the north or so

  23. When there is hunger in the land u expect them to put the fish in the museum. No if you’ve not visited bayelsa dont criticize. ☆Happy☆ ♡Valentine’s♡ ☆Day☆

  24. For my country Nija anytin that comes out from water na free meat from time for Oyibo nonsense here..woman bean self de go chop lol.


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