Entertainment News Watch as Miyonse finally made out with T-Boss on Big Brother Naija...

Watch as Miyonse finally made out with T-Boss on Big Brother Naija (Video) #BBNaija


Miyonse of Big Brother Naija has finally fulfilled his wish… He finally ‘got down’ with his “boo”, TBoss.

Tboss on Tuesday, January 31st, stripped unclad in front of housemates with Tony Tin Tall apparently wanting some more action.

Watch the video below…



  1. I expect such to happen, na all dis stupidity dstv dey show to us… Football wey we go enjoy together na 14k person go pay. 1,800 only you ll show ubbish wey dey spoil mind both adult n teenagers… Well hell is cheap will heaven is expensive.

  2. Aimless TV program….what message are der passing to us or what are der promoting But mhennn if your boyfriend or girlfriend win a chance to be on this bb thing better divorce him or her before they go set otherwise hypertension fit kill you while watching. Smh

  3. Seriously, till today I don’t still know the relevance or importance of bbnaija. It’s not even fun to watch. Mtcheww

  4. pornography home video….dey are all porn stars, all fucking each other in an open screen just bcos of money there is no difference between dis pple and d prostitutes on the d streets. aim less pornography programme. notin but fuck fuck everyday.

    • @phina afube, madam how will u feel if ur kids are discussing dis pornographic programme with u on d dining table. I hope u will b hapi with ur meal and not caution dem.

  5. None of dis happened, I watched it all through D night…. Please stop spreading fake rumours

    • Wat did u watch tru d night??? Na Photoshop b dat??? Like u havent bin noticing how hard Miyonse has bin trying to get in T boss…..If u have bin following the program u shuld nt b surprised or call it rumour…..

    • Sandra something really happened but not sex , some hand touched , I saw the hand movement made by miyonce on her… hope you understand

  6. Oh chineke…. Who doesn’t know that such shits are possible when it comes to stuffs like this… E no concern me sha.

  7. Pls show us those wonderful kids in Cowbell pedia maths competition or even the school quiz organised by Shell and other corporate bodies. Not Big Brother .

  8. Actually their is nothing happening in dat video oooo unless u ppl are looking for something to talk about which will not help u

  9. I expect nothing less from BBN. Even though its a Game I dont know the moral it teaches, at the end someone will be givin millions as prize money. What a waste of national fund or even private.

  10. You people won’t carry news about mind blowing tasks dey carry out daily, it is rubbish u people are looking for. They didn’t “get down”,stop spreading rubbish.

  11. Chai! Na so dem go dey add to our problems. We dey talk say our children, this #BBNaija dey add. Na underage dey watch this programme pass For Miyonse mind na im don achieve something #SMH for una

  12. Y all that doesn’t see the essence of this show shd please stop watching it na and stop commenting.its off no importance why join the forum abi una remote don spoil?????mtchewwwww

  13. Lol try and click on the video, you won’t see anything . That is to tell you that nothing of such happened. There are only deceiving dose that are not watching it and also making their money from our comments.

  14. Oh big deal is nt fun jst wast of tym.dis is Nigeria pls we dnt need such kind of msg under age and our children are watching. Dis is nt western country, we are highly religious so pls we dnt need it…

  15. Can anyone kindly explain to me the essence of this program ad the aim. Pls a person with good knowledge of dis program. Coz i dont understand d whole stuff

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