Viral News 22 year old lady who breastfed her child during her wedding encourages...

22 year old lady who breastfed her child during her wedding encourages women not to feel embarrassed about breastfeeding


A beautiful black mother has shared a photo of herself breastfeeding her child and she encouraged other nursing mother not to feel embarrassed about feeding their child in the most natural way.

Below is what she wrote to BWDFD.

“I would like to share my photo on your page of me breastfeeding my son on my wedding day. This picture is very important to me because at the age of 22 so many people doubted me and said I would give up on breastfeeding and here I am 4 months later and still going strong. I enjoy nursing my son and I made sure when I chose my wedding dress I would be able to nurse throughout my entire night. And I was able to. So I just want to share with women that no matter who doubts you or who turns their noses up to breastfeeding that it can be done. No one should make them feel embarrassed about feeding their child in the most natural way.” #bwdbf #wedothis

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  1. I still repeat that there is nothing wrong in breastfeeding publicly only that you shouldn’t expose your breast this much because its still belongs to your husband. We have men who will start lusting over the breast so protect what is your husband’s by simply using handkerchief to cover the upper part of your breast leaving only the nipple for your baby to suck

  2. you’re ryt…..breastfeeding is not a disease now, so y feel ashamed?? But ,that when some guys start behaving like animals when they see breast•••

  3. Breast feeding a baby in public is not wrong, but while doing it, don’t expose your breast to the public. People are actually saying its wrong because Nigerian ladies like to over do things, those who have been looking for a way to go naked will use that opportunity to expose their fallen breast on the pretence of feeding their baby. In everything, #modestyisthekeyword.

  4. U have given birth and u are wearing white for wedding? People have spoilt today Christianity… Even whores dey wear white for wedding too…white is purity and it’s supposed to be worn by can Jesus and Angels who are pure be wearing white as signs of purity then this one wen be second hard product still carry white gown dey wear and even people wen don condemn as ashawo Go still dey wear am for wedding… these days pastors dey let anybody wear am even whores……..I just dey look sha

  5. @GistReel it is not embarrassment, but my wife shouldn’t expose what I was dreaming of eating before marrying her

  6. Close that thing abeg…but on looking closely very well; it is quite a………………

  7. Dis woman is older than 22 n again breastfeeding a child isn’t bad but not in public. Is too bad

  8. It’s better to date a woman that drinks ALCOHOL than to date a Christian woman that fornicates after drinking ANOINTING WATER.y

  9. There is nothing wrong in breastfeeding publicly. If people are against it then such people should be against men bringing out their prick anyhow in public to urinate.

    • So if d baby is crying and u in public,u will rather let d baby keep crying,a woman chop slap in d bus from an old woman cos of that…

  10. Simple thing to do , look for mother care bra , wen breastfeeding ur baby only d nipple will cum out d rest will be covered by d bra.

  11. She s right now……Shebi some girls re opening it for show off why won’t u give ur child in public? Abi You no use common sense ni?Just borrowing uncle Ben oyinbo oh…..

  12. So u want to tell me that the woman am seeing in that is 22 yrs old? Hia nawa in fact am not commenting again

  13. So must dey snap her to show d world. I bet u did it without her consent. We see women everyday breastfeeding dr kids wtout shame n how many bloggers go abt snapping them.

  14. Nothing wrong, that’s the way God created it, u must open and breastfeed when d baby needs it, it can be anywhere it doesn’t really matter. But I think you are more than 22.

  15. That is very wrong, don’t breastfeed a baby in public whether u cover your breasts or not. That is why baby foods are available, instead give him that. Before leaving home, breast feed your child well, then give him baby food in public. That’s it.

    • Sorry, but are u using your brains. Are u even a female that u are so engrossed in what doesn’t concern you. Have you imagine urself as a female, breast feed your child at home instead of showing your breasts to the whole universe.

    • So because of ur reason a child who is suppose to b breastfeed for good 6months should b weaned early cos u don’t what to expose ur breast. Instead u advice d mother to express d breast milk and put in d feeder and when d child need it, she put d feeder in a hot water and make it warm before serving d child. They are numerous alternative if u feel u don’t want to expose ur breast in d public to breastfeed. Pls ignorance is not an excuse

  16. Una get problem o. That dress is cream for ur information Mr Perfect. If she bfeed her baby in public how e take concern una? Her husband complain? She’s gorgeous with her baby and breast flaunted and anumans, I mean silly men who are evil minded will still jerk at d sight of a 3-month old baby. God help u all…

  17. There’s no problem breast feeding your child in public, but the problem is not all men can stand the nude of your breast.

  18. Is only in my country Nigeria, you see women breastfeeding there kids in a public, with there breast open, is very very wrong

  19. I cannot breastfeed in public cos there are people who likes porn and will enjoy the moment ur breast is on display more than baby enjoying the milk

    • Do you know weda d husband could only afford TM and court? Now d man get cash take his wife to church. Pls let them be, white wedding is not cheap pls!

  20. Yeah, any woman who feel embarrassed to breast feed her baby any time any where is not worthy to b called a mother & doesn’t deserved the child

  21. Wen l have a baby l dnt care where l am who is watching l jst breastfeed ma baby coz the baby doesn’t know what is the right time or right place.when they feel they want they want .

  22. u re a mother indeed,don’t mind them it is stupidity and immaturity to breastfeed s baby when need does not require a specific place to do it ,even in church people breastfeed their child. ok

  23. She is using d “breast feed ur baby: n public” as an excuse of having a child out of wedluck. Mumu

  24. 100% recommended,after no other mam has d right to touch except ur hubby & d sweet little one dat feeds from it,more so every other man can Neva even luk at it cos they will definitely feel ashamed for themselves by liking at it.Therefore it is recommended to breastfeed ur baby in d public

  25. Nothing bad in breastfeeding ur baby in public, more so if the baby is crying and u refused to settle the baby people will think DAT the baby is a stolen baby.

  26. U guys are just being silly,can’t you see she’s inside closed doors, the person who took a picture of her and made it viral is 2 be blamed


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