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27Year Old Model Promises Intimacy With 19million Men, Says She’s Tired After 400


A 27-year-old Italian model, Glamorous Paola Saulino, who promised to perform a s*x act on 19.4million people says she’s “tired” after the first 400 – but vows to continue to at least ONE MILLION.

Recall that Paola Saulino had gone against constitutional reforms proposed by her country’s Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in a referendum held in November 2016.

She therefore came up with a bizarre incentive, promising to sleep with all persons who vote “NO” to the constitutional reform.

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However, when the result of the votes came out, the “NOs” won with a number over 19 million.

Not many were expecting her to fulfill her promise with that huge number but the Italian model followed through with her words.

She immediately invited online applications for her “Pompa Tour” intimacy. The word “Pompa” means pump in Italian – and is slang for the s*x act she is offering the ‘No’ voters.

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After fulfilling her promise to what she says are 400 men so far, Paola says she is tired. However, she is not slowing down any time soon—her revised target is now one million men. She adds that she has encountered all kinds of men, with some even being shy and not going through with their appointments.



  1. All these italian people sef, she promised to sleep with 19m men and already 400 of them have gone to sleep with her, and she have promised to make it 1m. Chai you people should kwontinu, Aids is real, but keep it there ooo, no carry that body come Nigeria. Lets make do with the ones we have here already.

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