Entertainment News Celebrity Gist 2face Idibia Reveals Major Reason For His Highly Publicized FG Protest

2face Idibia Reveals Major Reason For His Highly Publicized FG Protest


2face Idibia took to Instagram today to reveal his intent for the planned 24th of February protest tagged ‘A Call For Good Governance’.

The singer wrote,

“I am blessed to have a platform that allows me to reach a lot of people at a time. I believe this voice also comes with a responsibility to use it to speak up for my people. So, when I received the broadcasts that had been going round for some days calling for protests against the state of the country I posted it in a show of support.
“My intention was never to take credit for the movement but rather amplify the voices of the organization credited with the widely circulated message.

“To my colleagues that have joined their voices to this call, thank you for showing the Nigerian people they are not alone. I remain committed to contributing to the well being of my people in any little way I can. One love! #WeWillProtest”

Picture of the guy who allegedly died in Davido’s car



  1. Thanks for what u r about to do but in this nation, govt. dont care about protests. I just hope urs will yield fruit. I’ll be d happiest if d govt. can listen to the request and consider it…

  2. Baba abeg we need it!!..Make dem know say we don tire for their mumu promises that dey have failed to fulfill……Biko! I will gladly join in the protest!!

  3. A very good innitiative from 2baba, unfortunately it would not change anything. We need God in this country

  4. Thank you 2baba for feeling the pains of millions of Nigerians. I’m solidly behind you. Enough is enough.

  5. My people please all Nigerians worldwide support this protest and make it work it is for everybody benefit no need to be afraid, afraid is one thing that making Nigerians suffering for a very long time,, nobody want to die every body wan go heaven ,, I am with you 2baba

  6. Am so disappointed in 2Baba,wia were u 16years back… Must Olamide join U to Protest?, cos some senseless Nigerian as been insult Badoo now for remain silence..2baba I want u to remember when idris was singing ” Nigeria jaga jaga ,, and african china singing ” food no dey ? ,, 2face was singing ”i dey feel like obasanjo e , because you love me ,, Thank God the same 2face said in one of my favourite tracks” its all man for himself ,, . Let them carry their cross . Badoo never buy bulletproof.

    • Stop the hate, U No remember the one we him sing say “I be like say they want to tell us another story” also “one love ” and many others.

    • It’s unfortunate that pessimism and negativity still exists among some Nigerians, in this lugubrious regime, it’s enough we have stayed in the sauna for too long, it’s high time we come together, support one another in any positive goal, except u are an enemy of Nigeria u can keep hating. ALL WE NEED IS ONE LOVE.


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