News 2face predicted his present persecution 3 years ago but we all didn’t...

2face predicted his present persecution 3 years ago but we all didn’t pay attention


If you didn’t know, you’d think 2face was the problem with Nigeria.

Since his announcement and subsequent pull out of today’s One Voice Nigeria protest, he’s been roundly criticized and called names for backing out.

Funnily, it seemed like he saw it coming. On The Best I Can Be, off his The Ascensionalbum in 2014, his lyrics seem to perfectly match the current happenings.

Singing in his trademark mellow voice, he says in part:

‘I try to be the best that I can be/ No need to force it /I try to understand the best I can / No need to force it/ In the beginning there was fire on the mountain/ Fire caught the chair and the fire start something /Start to thinking about the way some people feeling/ Why some people feel about the way someone is stealing…

And then he goes on: I say na wetin I go do to stop this palaver/ If I slap am now them go say I dey kolo too/ But if I leave am now, them go say I dey fear eh/ So I start to search for the answer/ Whether I get the power to face this kasala/ Because of the repercussion, make I no do something wey go make me end up for station/ You know this we nation / Na so them kpai Dele Giwa and we still dey get inflation…

For someone that many people have criticized for not being a ‘prophet like Fela‘, maybe he saw this one coming.

'I'm a true fan of his heart! May God see him through' - Maheeda Sends Love To Davido

Or what do you think?



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  2. Ha. So you’re so good in predicting like this. Abeg come predict today game for me oh make i win bet9ja because i need money

  3. Brother, you do well! Picking still de small. If you kpai now! No body go look after them for you.

  4. Well done d big predictor, we will give you the general overseer in this page, predict all the post so we can comment sharp sharp

  5. Abeg mak una leave d guy alone jare no worries 2baba no story dey last for social media. Ur own go soon end another person own go start. Na so na so life geos on coz I knw u ‘ve vision nobody can tak dt away frm u. Leave dem mak dem dey run their mouth.

  6. #WordsWithWisdom I for one, knows 2baba feels for that Nigeria in the worst slum. Because, he came from there but the one wey dey pain me pass na those stupid Nigerians wey dey claim say 2Baba no fit talk like Fela. How many of them fit talk like Fela? He gave us a voice at least, not just with his music but with himself though not entirely. He is a mortal, afterall

  7. na who he wan blame now? Shey i told him not to propose this protest in the 1st place but he didn’t listen to me. Well i’ll tell u wats next

  8. He also said it in..#Singing….my guy na ur eye u go sharpen because e be like e don dey shaking nothing dey happen nobody wan die but dem wan go heaven…..

  9. I’m so happy for this… Thanks to you all that is out there protesting may God bless you all and thanks for 2face he not there but it makes it happen… God bless him too

  10. What I love most abt the protest is that the govt. were able to give listening ears to the people’s cry and responded to them. What is making nigerians angry about 2face is bcos he announced something and he said he is going to be present to lead the protest and just a day or two to the protest day, he just announce that he wants to call it off just like that, when many nigerians are prepared to go for that protest by force by fire. Well, I’m happy it all worked out well even without him being present…

  11. Hmmm,,it oviouse tinz didnt work out the way u planed,,in the first place it was the most greatest step u take,,but life is 2 shot,,i dont blame u bro,,cus u gat a long lifeline 2 still resist,,2baba let the music take control

  12. U fumbled 2Baba, dnt play politics with ur dignity at this kind time when u know dt d masses are angry and awaitin such opportunity u brought up, its dangerous n could led to u loosing ur respect! u should ve seek for advice b4 starting what u dnt want to finish

  13. Who still hear the story of mike pretty who chian ladies like dog? As his own went off so wil 2face own go. That is life 4 u

  14. We nigerians need to give kudos to 2baba. at least he started it all, before he backup. .. if we have others persons of such again, our country can be a better place. … once again’ 2baba try e nor easy st all


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