Viral News 2face Shows Support for Protesters From His Home, See His Tweet

2face Shows Support for Protesters From His Home, See His Tweet


2face Shows Support for Protesters From His Home, See His Tweet2face took to his twitter account to show his support to the protesters who showed up at the venue despite his security concerns.

The pioneer of the ‘I Stand With Nigeria’ movement made a move to show the protesters that despite not being there physically, they got his full support.

2face urged Nigerians to voice out their concerns on their respective social media accounts as he is busy compiling responses for leadership (whatever that means).

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He tweeted, ‘We are still compiling your responses for the leadership. State your opinion on social media with the hastag #IStandWithNigeria. Peace! 1luv.’



    • That is not what he meant…2face na public figure,and we never can tell what he has gone 2ru before backing off

    • Falore what u even saying? Those people protesting are they not public figure too? The truth remain that 2face fuck. U people should let the truth be told

      • Sandra tuface no fuck up. If you dey follow up with the thread you go know say him dey hot seat. You no hear say him mama call at the last minute? You know the threat wet trigger the mama to call and him to back out? Weda him present or not he still voice out and the people still went on with the movement.

    • Sandra why don’t you go and join in the protest, he did great by staying back, the safety of his family is no longer in jeopardy ”He who fights and runs lives to fight another day

  1. COSMIC FINAL ASCENSION AND POLITICS OF FURTHER MADNESS : After fooling himself as I predicted, the Judas Iscariot intends continuing with his proposed madness, who asked for his opinion?, did anyone ask him to sample peoples opinions?, can anybody say leaders are not aware of events unfolding in this country?. How did they get elected if they don’t know their people?. Mr 3 or whatever faces, help yourself, if you have any grudge against President MUHAMMADU BUHARI, come clean; is Mr President owing you any unpaid allowance?, tell Nigerians the truth about your condition, and stop deluding yourself.

  2. Fuck him. Get your fucking feet out of your home and join them because they planned this with you

  3. I think Tu Face case is like what most of us are familiar with..”Who will bell the Cat?!”…Tu face just managed to help carry the bell and left the remaining task to all of us.He was like if hunger don tire and finish una in this Buhari period and APC regime dem no dey tell una wetin to do!!… #TuFaceIsUsingStyleToProtestBasedOn TheMatter!!

  4. 2Face u truly have 2faces… U dey ur room we dey under this scotching heat of d sun and u said u are supporting us.

    • My brother as far as I know tu face ain’t two faced like u claimed. If u were in his shoes, u wouldn’t even think of suggesting a protest against this government cos u will feel like u have it all. I bet while u are standing under the sun right now is cos u feel the recession in this government more than tu baba. If this guy had come out today, don’t u believe that the police woukd arrest him? Don’t u also know that political thugs would be used by the government against his protest? And if lives were to be lost, pple like u will still be the first to crucify him. The guy just used his status as a public figure to ensure there is a protest. He is not a fool like u.

    • Chinenye Okoro thanks for saying I’m a fool ok.. If u expect me to insult u back you’ve lost it.. Thanks.

    • Malachy Evalistus… For this enhh… I owe you a very hot kiss… You just prove to her that you are a real man.

    • Malachy Evalistus am sorry abt that. But it really get me vexed whenever pple call him coward and two faced. Whatever he did, he has his reason. Am sorry OK. U are no fool

    • Malachy Evalistus sorry on her behalf for calling u a fool but my dear u were wrong cos u don’t know the real situation, he was under duress, his family was threatened and his mum asked him to withdraw at least he raised a voice if he didn’t, nobody was ready to make a move, people kept quiet for things to go wrong

    • Chinenye Okoro… Welcome back from space… Malachy Evalistus…. Forgive her for our sake… Please.

  5. Though he is showing a little sign of support but if all d youths who are protesting right now physically decided to just relax at home and tweet wat they are protesting for, do u think the govt. will knw about it? He should just try and come out to support fully, not relax in his house and start tweeting claiming he is supporting the protest…

  6. 2face, rise up 4rm the comfort of ur home and go and protest. Stop tweeting bcos that is not helping. Will d govt. leave what they are doing and start checking tweets? Just like Iheanacho David said, ” If all the youths decide to do like u right now, do u think d govt. will know wat is going on?” Please stop deceiving some ppl by ur tweets. Go and join the masses to protest..

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  8. OK bro 2face, I hail ! u tried after all u shakara even if DSS hold u dey no fit hold all d ppl wey show face 4 d peaceful protest today abi ? So now heaven knows about the history made today let’s wait 4 corridor of power to deliver which would determine the next move… No retreat no surrender, give d majority of the ppl d reel change. With due respect sirrr.

  9. Like they say, no one uses his own child for sacrifice, but if it’s other people’s children, it’s OK. Ta lo Fe fi ori laku.

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  11. U re still a hero. No one initiated it but u. U laid d foundation. U gingered everyone, even wen doz mocking u could nt speak. U re still d voice of d ppl. Live fr ur family joor

  12. You try We understand why you put up that stunt. We know say u know too get stone heart. Thank you for giving us a voice, at least

  13. Person wey dey make noise say nothing dey happen….now e be like say e don dey happen…no shaking nothing dey happen nigeria…2face no want die but e want fight for Nigeria. solidality forever

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