Editorials Top 5's 5 African Presidents Cheated On By Their Wives!

5 African Presidents Cheated On By Their Wives!


There is additionally a typical conviction that ladies are compelled to stray subsequent to their spouses are famous womanizers… they are practically denied their matrimonial rights and could starve for a while on occasion. This sold out lady will in this way begin sniffing other men to get even or the much consideration they miss.

We can attempt to apply these hypotheses to the Royal Swazi sex embarrassment. Other than his political duties, King Mswati has 13 wives; one may ponder what kind of a course of action he has made to guarantee every one of them are candidly cooked for.

Being human, it may take him a few weeks or even months to satisfy his conjugal commitments. Maybe this could mean LaDube was sexually starved and needed to have a striking resemblance, may apply to Ntuli Zuma.

Different human rights gatherings hold that King Mswati ought not rebuff the wife or the blundering pastor since he made this chaos. They attest that he has shrouded his unfaithfulness under the veil of polygamy.

With the changing unfaithfulness designs in the landmass putting more ladies on the spotlight, one may jest that LaDube and her group ought not be pushed to the brink of collapse over additional conjugal issues since there is something else entirely to it than only a meandering eye.

5. Nothando Dube


News about the claimed sex embarrassment including Swazi King Mswati III twelfth wife, Nothando Dube, with the nation’s Justice Minister, Ndumiso Mamba, hit the features over the world.

Regardless of all the buildup, “LaDube”, as she is broadly known in Swaziland, is not the only one in this. In 2004, two of Mswati’s wives — Delisa Magwaza (LaMagwaza) and Putsoana Hwala (LaHwala) left the illustrious kraal after disloyalty claim.



  1. This is Libel Defamation and we are against it in this case because its on our KING not PRESIDENT you need to mark the difference.

  2. at least my King is nt a president.. by d way. y ol d fuss abt ada people’affairs??

  3. why using pic of our King yet u talking abbout presidents ?asenime kona leNkosi yethu fakan lama Presedents enu nikhiphe lenkosi yethu

  4. and is separation/ divorce a matter of entertainment?? how do you start getting entertained by that?

  5. mswati lomnyama kulabalutfuli lidunga ndaba wasembelebelweni……..dat our king guyz we love him


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