Entertainment News Celebrity Gist 5 Childhood Games Anyone Who Grew Up In Nigeria Can Never Forget

5 Childhood Games Anyone Who Grew Up In Nigeria Can Never Forget



Children want to grow up fast and do what adults do but ironically, adults want to be children again. With the struggles that comes with being a grown up, every once in a while, people find an escape, merely by reflecting on childhood memories.

These are games that we totally loved playing as kids.

Tinko Tinko


This game is played by two or more people also. It is played by using your fingers expect your thumb to touch your partners palm and then clap, while singing “tinko tinko tikoro ko tinko”.

Who is in the garden?


Who is in the garden is one of the most interesting games we engaged in as kids, it involves as many as possible children rounded up to form a circle and then one of the kids will be in the middle while others will be singing “who is in the garden, a little fine girl can i come and see her no no no no”.

Ayo (The Yoruba game board)


The “Ayo” is a wooden game with twelve circles, six circles are on each sides containing four seeds each. The game is played by picking the stones in a particular circle and then distribute it from one circle to another till it get to the last seed,then with the last seed you pick the seeds in the next circle.



The “suwe” game involves drawing of  rectangular boxes divided into six parts on the floor. All we do in this game is throw a stone into a particular box, then jump in and out till we are able to get in all the boxes.The rule of the game is that your stone does not touch the line.

Police and thiefcatcher


The catcher game is played by two or more people also. Every one playing the game would be running away from the catcher and once the catcher eventually catches one of them, then the catchee will be the next catcher, till it gets to the last person.

Which of theses games did you play as a kid?



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