Editorials Top 5's 5 Female Nigerian Celebrities Who Claimed They Are Virgins

5 Female Nigerian Celebrities Who Claimed They Are Virgins


The Nigerian entertainment industry boasts of several beautiful females who are desirable in every way, from their appearance to their art they have won the heart of several men and at some point have got their fans wondering if they are hooked or have been intimate with the opposite gender.

While we think it is nearly impossible to find a single virgin entertainer, we have been able to comb our database and previous reports and have been able to come up with a list of female celebrities who have at some point in their career claimed not to have ever been with a man before.

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Ms. Chidinma Ekile who is popular for her first name is one singer who has captured the hearts of many from her Project Fame days and going on to sing ‘Kedike’ which instataneously made her a household name in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

During an interview she declared she has never been intimate with a man before.

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The Female Singer had reacted to her alleged compromising video scandal in 2013 by maintaining that it wasn’t her that people saw in the video that went viral and as a matter of fact,that she’s still a virgin.
“I didn’t make any compromising video o, I have no idea where that tape is from and I am still a v*rgin o!” she said

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    • Lol. Una dey use java phones? All these can be done on android. I use downloaded Facebook the lite version. You can move to the next line with the last key on your “Android” keyboard

  1. Virginity is a priced asset, very precious and valuable. It is possible for a celebrity to still remain a virgin even at the peak of her career. Being a celebrity does not mean they go about sleeping with men. But pls dear celebrities, if truly you are virgins, it should be between you and your husband. Don’t come to social media and tell us because there is no parameter used in measuring it

  2. Who cares really? In my own idea I don’t think a lady who is a virgin broadcast it, since its for their husband let the news be for their husbands abi? Moreover who are they broadcasting for?

  3. These people are very funny! Girls as beautiful as this and grown ups are virgins, in this 21 century? Well, it is non of my business virgins or not

  4. All these nonsense people claim once they have stayed or some time without sex u see them claim virgin. A pastor was looking for a wife some time ao and my sister told him to marry me and d pastor said noo haaaa I can’t marry ur sister oo ,he needs a virgin but he later met one who said no sex till d night of the wedding and he accepts and felt this one na correct. They got married I helped out on d wedding day. After wedding just one year they had a child and lost d child later marriage started shaking and that was when d truth came that she lied that she was a virgin and today marriage has bee of for 6years new after the virgin wife was cort with another man and now the so called pastor is married again to another man. Virgin

  5. Why do they want us to know when there is a high chance I might not be the one they lose their virginity to…

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  7. what’s my business with whether you are a virgil or not all. Some of these celebrities are not to be trusted

  8. Switch your brain on think. ..name any celebrity that still a virgin and I will show you a brothels where you could find virgin

  9. Pure lie, if Na true come to my brother’s house so that he will test You to know if it is original.

  10. Abeg, shey i get tribal mark?, allof dem dey claim virgin toolz too dey talk. Hmmmm, fact is we cant know, they might have replaced their hymen maybe, but really who cares

  11. Whose business is it? Strictly theirs biko.. Is like me coming to tell you guys am a virgin, when God already knows I am. So it’s between me and God.

  12. Virgins with all this am seeing? Thinking if other Celebrity Male around them are blind or Gay?.. How can it be possible while in naija before u enter into any movie industry u must get ur as on bed and back laid either by camera man or Director.. So how is it possible. I can see big fat Lies there…… *Sips My Table Water*..

  13. chidimma kee flavour’s gal den. ..its true shaa rihana can also claim so…i am not in her body ..if we conduct a test she maybe carrying someones triplet

  14. Must u broadcast urslf in d first place habba, if it’s supposed tob a pride thing den no need telling d world. Silence is golden so pls keep quiet and talk abt somefin else who cares sef.

  15. i actually believe beening a celebrity thats does not matter keeping ur virginity is a decision

  16. Viginity is a price asset, is something so valuable,you don’t broadcast it, because if you do men start coming after you,but these our celebrity don’t worth it

  17. Dats their business! Wat re we going 2 do about it??. Cöngratulate them. If realy they re. Congrat. If dey aren’t xame… D end always tel.

  18. If only virginity is a guarantee for a successful marriage and a happy home, or if it will guarantee ur husband not immediately going back to his ogbologbo girlfriends or visiting prostitutes….if only..


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