News $9.7M Busted Cash: Andrew Yakubu Had 4 Safes, Not 1, Whistle-Blower...

$9.7M Busted Cash: Andrew Yakubu Had 4 Safes, Not 1, Whistle-Blower Insists…


The whistle-blower who informed the EFCC where a former managing director of NNPC, Andrew Yakubu, hid safes stacked in foreign currencies has said that the safes were four not just the only one found in his Kaduna residence, Daily Nigerian reports.

A large fire-proof safe containing $9.7m and £74,000 cash, was found in Mr Andrew’s house in a Kaduna slum, Sabon Tasha, when EFCC operatives raided the house on February 3.

According to the news outlet, credible security sources reveal that the whistle-blower told EFCC investigators the safes in the house were 4 in number, and that the remaining 3 cash boxes were taken to an unknown destination, a few days to the EFCC raid.

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Asked whether he had any hint as to where the rest of the safes were hidden, the whistle-blower said he did not know.

He was also quoted as saying that had EFCC not swung into action on February 3, chances were that the remaining one would also be evacuated.

According to the sources, Mr Yakubu had suspected that operatives of the commission had mounted surveillance on the house and ordered the evacuation of the safes.

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