Viral News A shocking photo of two women kneeling before a white man, see...

A shocking photo of two women kneeling before a white man, see reactions


A photo making rounds online shows women from Uganda kneeling before a white man in a pair of shorts. He was part of a delegation that had travelled to Uganda to meet the president.


The photo elicited mixed reactions on social media with most users accusing the Ugandans of being regressive in a world that was changing by the minute.

This is generally expected of women from Uganda who kneel as a show of reverence for their male counterparts. Failure to do so is considered atrocious and is to be frowned upon.

Here are some of the reactions on social media.

Gavin Walcott: Demonstrations of (mutual) respect is good. Respecting your (better) elders is good. Respecting your traditions is good. Subjugating women is not good. But of course my perspective is as an American. This demonstration looks completely one sided and demeaning. Even the way the man spoke seemed to be from a male superior/female inferior perspective.

Antoine Noameshie: I really like it. Respect for elders is something that youth has gotten away from. Also when the lady kneels down the guy shows respect by taken off his hat. So it goes both ways. And by her “elevating” him, he needs to hold himself to a higher standard. In other words, I like it.

Aisha Nakato: We don’t treat men like gods. Kneeling for your elders is a form of respect. You pretty much kneel for anyone you meet as a form of respect, even men kneel for their elder

Samuel Baker Obwolo: Tell them, they should know that Kenyans are very aggressive and hard working. There is nothing like “Nyabo” or “Ssebo” in Kenya.

Ziggy Saydee: Beautiful!! I pray my wife will give me similar respect like this in the future.

Moses Moses: We do it in the Gambia also, our mothers used to greet our fathers like that but Today our wives are no longer doing it. This is our culture and traditions it makes us who we are and it is form of showing respect. Japanese still do it both young and old bow to each other is a way of respecting each other because it is part of their culture, sadly we Africans are forgetting most of our traditions and cultures.

Michael Daniel: Its beautiful !! It good gesture!! Its helpful!! Forget the outside world, Africa. They are just too load because they have power, but they are not happy despite the power. Keep ur proud tradition. It has nothing to do with abusing or not loving women!!



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