General Abducted 7 Year Old Girl, Zainab Umar Has Been Found

Abducted 7 Year Old Girl, Zainab Umar Has Been Found



This 7 year old, Zainab Umar was reported missing in Marcy 27, by a Facebook user, Hamisu Hasan…But right now she’s been found.

Zainab is said to have been discovered in Malali, Kaduna State. The little girl has since being reconnected with her parents and siblings.

Governor El Rufai was also at the Police station to see the child.


“THIS IS A GREAT NEWS! DON’T BE DESPAIR IN THE POWERS OF YOUR SINCERE PRAYERS. Did you remember this little girl? Sometimes back in March I shared her story. ..

Her name is Sultana. Yes! You must have remember by now. Zainab Umar (Sultana).

She went missing since 27th March, 2016, when she was coming back from Islamiyya at Badikko, Kaduna State. Yesterday she was discovered at Malali, Kaduna. The little Sultana was abducted by two couples.

An Igbo woman & her partner from Adamawa State. There were other five children with them.

One of them said he was brought from Lagos. The abductor insisted that the little girl is her daughter. But when police played a game theory on them, they both confess that they mean no harm to the girl. .

They abducted the girl because she is beautiful. When the brothers of the girl were brought to her, they embraces each other in an emotional outburst of joy & happiness. Police are still investigating the abductors to dig out more information about them.

They could be a syndicate. We gave all thanks to Allah who answered the sincere prayers of some among us & reveal the position of this crime. It was reported that governor El-Rufai himself visited the police station to have a true situation of the event first hand. The little girl’s beauty is her offense! Or was it really?”

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