News Aborted Baby Foetus Found in girls’ hostel of UNILAG

Aborted Baby Foetus Found in girls’ hostel of UNILAG


Students of University of Lagos were thrown into confusion after they woke up to see an aborted foetus at the Madam Tinubu Hall, a female hostel on campus.

According to reports, The aborted foetus which was found on Tuesday morning, was about five-months old by the time the mother who is apparently a student, aborted it.

Photo below:

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  1. Killing innocent unborn child is a sin because you have kill someone ,almighy GOD will see us through in nigeria

  2. The fact is that one of them aborted her pregnancy. She wasnt ready to have a baby. That’s how innocent children die all over the world. Why getting pregnant in the first place when u know u are still a student

  3. I just dont know what girls who are still students gain, getting pregnant and wasting the lifenof the unborn child. I heard about a story, similar to this 2 years ago about a student from Afe Babalola university who got pregnant while in school and aborted her pregnancy herself in one the girl’s toilets in her hostel. Young girls nowadays, they want to enjoy what their mothers are enjoying, at a very young age…

  4. This is what i hate, don’t you know you’re gonna be pregnant when enjoying sex? If they don abort all their babies finished and they don’t see child to born when they get married thats where they’ll be seeing headgirls{witches}

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  6. Tomorrow they will be pointing accusing fingers to “Iya L’abule” behind there problems.

  7. The cries of this innocent child will hunt the girl/doctor who aborted it But one condom would have prevented this post

    • If you really don’t want this to happen you can also help in solving the problem, understand the point i am trying to make, A lady can’t get her self pregnan,

    • a lady cant get her self pregnant, right, bt why do ladies allow d agro of sex takes away their reasoning forgeting man deposit, they keep it inside, tell ur man to use condom, if u cant use it

    • Any man know’s the outcome of unprotected sex, he need not to be reminded to use condom

  8. if i be God i no go make anybody wey no wan have babies now to conceive, knowing fully well that she go remove am

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  10. One man poison is another man’s food…..chai!!!….see as this ppu waste something another woman is crying to have……..heaven awaits the person

  11. Use condom no way, take pills after sex no way, use the withdrawal method no way, abstain from sex no way, why girls no fit get shame and sense aborting babys is nothing to them. Foolishness wear shirt for their body.

  12. See all the guys running their mouth like electric pole as if the girls re the one getting there self pregnant

  13. This is wickedness,when you know you’re are not ready why don’t you protect yourself. You’re are very wicked

  14. after aborting u get married nd no issue den u say ur mother inlaw is a witch or u re being followed frm ur village why nt abstain an avoid some certin disgrace in future God help us

  15. People are giving birth to their children and u are aborting ur own.2moro u will say a witch blocked ur womb


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