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Actress Daniella Okeke Gushes Over Her Man As He Gifts Her A £49,542 Range Rover Evoque


Actress Daniella Okeke posted this few minutes ago thanking her man for the gift of a brand new Range Rover Evoque Dynamic……

She captioned it ‘STARTING THE YEAR WITH A BANG @urcupoftea OUR NEW BABY IS HOME #CHECKYOURMAN ??? #rangeroverevoquedynamic’



  1. Hmmmm and one of you is sick that you can’t help and you keep disturbing me with few naira in my accounts. Congrats oh but help your fellow actor rather than this. I rest my case

  2. Thought we all just read of an actor on his sick bed some hours ago and you are squandering such a large amount of money on a needless machine?…Please go and help your fellow colleague in the hospital!!

  3. Is it only those that work hard enough that is free from recession E.g artists, actors and actresses ?

  4. a nigga is stranded here for villa but someone is on a spending spree. We all gonna make am soon but well whom God don bless let him rejoice and enjoy.

  5. Behind every successful Nigerian actress is a huge ass that fetches in exotic cars and cool cash

  6. How u sure is d boy friend Dat got Dat car for her….some of all dis celebrities just want to make headlines…. Let me come and be going.

  7. mumu gals eeh…someone said gals go dominate the world..lmao i laff..dey should start buying all this for us not we buying fr dem

  8. Really? And she,s happy? Their fellow actors die due to lack of wherewithal to solve health challenges. What a shame and disappointment. We really lack brotherly love. Lord have mercy.

  9. Hmmm, 30,000,000 perishable asset while a colleague have been evicted from the hospital over incurred debts, there is God ooo

    • People don’t have human feelings at all, the first time i said this, i was highly slated,rubbished,disgraced infact i was ashamed•••

  10. Hell to the No!!!..that money is too much to be fluanting up and down abeg!!.Give a quarter to the ailing actor in the hospital and then flaunt whatever you want to show off!!..Not this cheap publicity stunt and abeg WETIN CONCERN US.*YES ME AND YOU with her money sef?!!

  11. That huge amount of money for a car, when your colleagues is dying in the hospital,please God help us all.

  12. Congratulations. Don’t throw too much shades at her. She’s not the one that bought the car for herself but her lover. Should she reject it cause someone is in the hospital?

  13. And some people are dying cos of money dey couldn’t get for ordinary paracetamol,,,,even some can’t eat once per day…This is just so annoying

  14. People are wicked and always showing off . God bless me to help your children who are in need in Jesus name Amen

  15. Dat money is just too much for a car, some r struggling to even feed themselves bt can’t, thou I can’t blame U, it’s a gift nt like she bought it herself


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