Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Actress Funke Adesiyan Blasts Omotola Jalade

Actress Funke Adesiyan Blasts Omotola Jalade


Actress Funke Adesiyan Blasts Omotola JaladeNollywood actress Funke Adesiyan said people who slammed her friend and colleague Bimbo Thomas for wearing a swimsuit are the same hypocrites who hailed Omotola Jalade for wearing an outfit she should have left for her daughter.

Funke said people should blast Omotola and not Bimbo Thomas.

“I have read different blogs call my friend Bimbo Thomas different names for wearing a swimsuit to a beach, will she wear ‘agbada’ or what? I am confused, Omotola Jalade, a mother of four, wore a crop top, a style she should have left to her daughter and hypocrites hailed her as stunning. What could be more inappropriate?” she said.


Funke also said,“We will do better by being real. Real time, real people. Bimbo is a beautiful person inside out. Sometimes her level of confidence almost intimidate me (believe me, not many people can intimidate me).

“Leave celebrities alone. We are humans too. We deserve every bit of happiness that comes our way. As for me, I make myself happy irrespective of how they make people feel. I am me and very original at it. Bimbo, please rock on and post more amazing pictures from your holiday.”



  1. Funke adeshiyan abi what do u call ur self,ur must be very dumb for passing this kind of comments to omotola,if fans think omotola looks dashing and ur so called bimbo looks trashy what fault of omotola is that,that woman is a woman of class and prestige and a local girl like u can never measure up to her even if u used all d make ups and wear ur usual rags to expose all ur body as u normally do,stop d beef and give respect to whom its due.

  2. What is your problem. Enemy of progress. Don’t work hard just there destroying people’s career. Do you want me to cut your mouth short for you.

  3. Thank u Liz tell her she needed to be sobered up never ever compare any one to omotola she is on another level that even if u tried u wouldnt reach God forgive u.

  4. Some people think that to be strong is to never feel pain in reality.the strongest people are ones who feel it understand it accept and learn from it

  5. If you want to correct her why not correct her, rather you liken her to someone … Yourself said actresses are humans.. Now you’ve made every body knw what you think of her,,,, she intimidates you accept it…, ur jealous…. Just upgrade

  6. U Guy Ar Mature Than All Dis Wats Bad In Wearin Swimsuit 2 D Beach, Pls Stop All Dis Blasting Things

  7. Pls tink bfor u talk, wat has Omo gat to do wit dat? Omo can b replaced okk! ? show ur Bella make we c if u fit .

  8. I feel ur pain funke or whatever, buh Dnt worry by Gods grace u might get to omosexy’s level buh for nw I will recommend chill pills for ur jealous heart.

  9. Eyah. I feel her pain. She wants Omotola to notice her by force. I trust my omosexy she does not have time for people with low self esteem like her


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