Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Actress Georgina Onuoha Says Angela Okorie Should Drag Kemi Olunloyo To Court

Actress Georgina Onuoha Says Angela Okorie Should Drag Kemi Olunloyo To Court


Georgina Onuoha has decided to support her fellow colleague, Angela Okorie. This comes after Kemi Olunloyo said Angela and President Jammeh stole Gambians $10 million.

Onuoha who is based in the US said Angela should drag Kemi to court for Character assassination.

Read her post below.

Kemi is yet to fire back.



  1. Do you even think that that old cargo is normal,to me I think she is somehow mad, that name kemi olunloyo is disgusting to me

  2. Lol…waste of time…she will win the case and continue with her nonsense…Kemi…isn’t normal so don’t border urself ma’am…

  3. See, no matter how u draw kemi to court, she will still come out without any charges. It’s a waste of time oh. All u guys ave to do is to gather one day and beat her mercilessly bcos her mouth is too sharp….

  4. That will be the best action. That woman need to be taught a lesson once and for all

  5. Abeg, no just waste ur time and resources say u wan take her to court oh. You just dey waste ur time…. She is already an animal in human form

  6. wow i missed this lady Georgina onuha ,it has been ages please don’t advice her dat is wasting of time and money rather advice her to ignore her because if she found out Angela doesn’t have her time anymore she will definetly go nd rest

  7. SHe should. Laying false accusation against someone publicly is not a child’s play. That kemi is just somehow


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