Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Actress Mimi Orjiekwe shares lingerie maternity shoot

Actress Mimi Orjiekwe shares lingerie maternity shoot


Nollywood actress Mimi Orjiekwe is expecting her baby girl anytime soon.

The actress who is expecting a baby girl with her actor husband Charles Billion donned sexy lingerie for a maternity shoot.

Showing off her huge baby bump, Mimi looks radiant in each photo.



  1. Some pple just like advertising thier bodies, we knw u re pregnant goo nd fine but must u show us ur half naked body, naija eee so they wan copy beyonce

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  4. i give God glory for making you to conceive and pray to him for your save delivery…. meanwhile after your delivery we go discuss ur punishment for appearing to my prayer room half naked.

  5. What’s up with this trend of pregnant women going almost naked on social media, it’s not just cool to me at all

    • I tire for you people ooh!,wetin bi una problem with them taking a pregnancy photo?.Is it your Nakedness?..Just Wish every pregnant woman you see a safe delivery and stop your noise about trends!!

    • Please my beloved God who gave you this baby will not be happy as you are going naked, you are not the only pregnant woman we have seen so why most you go naked like this please Give your life to Christ Change your dressing is evil that is all.

  6. Nigeria should learn good things from foreigners and not this, you must not showcase your nakedness before we could realize the fact that you’re pregnant. You’re a mother for crying out loud, respect motherhood. Safe delivery anyway

  7. Wat is dis world turning 2, pregnancy is no morn a hidden tin, some women even go naked wen & post it & people ll comment na wa

  8. Wow Charles Billion and Mimi are married.. So happy to hear this.. God bless your union Slay Queen and I wish you safe delivery as you born our Slay Princess.. Heart you big!!!

    • Oni Adekunle That is a wrong thing to say about an unborn baby.. Please let’s mind what we say about people..

    • Modest MJ we rather mind what we post for people to see. At time they say “Appearance shows the manner”

    • You just called an unborn child a #harlot.. We are Christians.. Please we should mind our language.. She is a celebrity.. She didn’t put up those pictures for broadcast, it was probably on her Instagram wall or her twitter.

    • Anything you put on a SM platform could be broadcasted. You are no more in control of it. Meanwhile, except if the unborn baby wants to turn bastard, a gene from her mother is inevitable.

  9. I wonder d Madness Going on in Dis Country….Must u Show ur Tommy or Nakedness… Haha After all dey are not d first to be a mother. May be, I should start showing my baby bump…. Nonsense

  10. Nice one at least is not only your husband that knows the colour of your pant, next time try put on black pant for we to watch ok

  11. No be part of that thing your hubby dey look wey dey thrill am at times you come dey showcase free of charge for us so?at time ladies should respect what is called womanhood by covering some essential parts of the body,is not until you show us your nakedness before we can wish you safe delivery. #Enough r said#.congrat

  12. congrate madam ,bt ur husband see yhu like dis has yhu naked urself all in d name say yhu get belle hmmmm na wa

  13. Cha cha eke did this,tonto followed her foot step, n here comes Mimi,why is it that Nigeria actresses do not learn good things? Or you want to show us that you are really pregnant and not just growing fatter? Big time stupidity.noollywood ladies grow up.mercy is an example to you all

  14. Nice pix wishing you good delivery of the child I make sure you give birth to a football team 11 children

  15. Hmm, Is Jesus Christ that u want to give birth to, so for reason go ahead and show your nakedness to the world nonsense

  16. Is ur husband okw at all,y shud u go almost naked on air,even if ur husband didn’t tell u don’t u have common sense up stairs,rubbish, re u d first to be pregnant or better still kindly ask ur mum if she expose her nakedness to d world b4 people got to know she is pregnant for u.common sense matters a lot,we re Africans and not Americans,d earlier we know it,d better for us

  17. Pls u announce ur pregnancy? Y dnt go completely naked so we no u re pregnant. Nonsense mtcheeee

  18. I even saw her pink all in the name of taking pictures shame.am married and I have 4 kids.most you do this,it’s not important pls just tell God you to see you through that is all

  19. Most you naked before we know your expecting a baby,grow up Africans this isn’t our culture. Why most we learn the worst from the western culture for crying out loud.

  20. Hi! Whoever is reading this, I understand how rough things are right now. I just want to let you know that things will get better, I promise. Keep holding on just a little bit longer. I know you feel like nobody really cares. You’re wrong, stop denying it. I care, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this. You’re not alone, we may be miles away but we’re all going through the same things. Please keep holding on.

  21. I think some people really need help, must u tell everyone u r pregnant, for crying out loud u don’t need it OK.

  22. Like its really weird, ur suppose to respect ur unborn child and the father no matter what. Not show casing ur private parts like a billboard pls its abhoring

  23. You are a big fool, by doing this, it may be a sign of clearing your guilty conscience, I wonder if actually there is a baby in that womb or just pump with air, nonsense, do you own any body explanation for your pregnancy? Rubbish.

  24. Even if you’re carrying Virgin Mary inside your belly is that why you’re naked? I wonder what, you will be teaching your girl

  25. Na waa ooo ooo, total madness. Should we emulate other country craziness especially are all our celeb there are only visiting abroad to learn crazy things in other to feel among. Oga ooooo, SMH

  26. That is y I love mercy Johnson, she didn’t go naked for any of her pregnancy, she is such a beautiful mummy of 3

  27. i hv 5kids my dear,n u r nt d only person wey don carry belle bf,n definitely nt going to b d last,after all no b Jesus u carry ,jst pray to God to c u thru my dear, showing ur nakedness will nt solve d problem,na for favour room u go hear am,anyway may u deliver lik d Hebrew women in Jesus name amen.

  28. This is stupidity, she should have remove everything for everybody on social media to know that she is pregnant with Jesus .

  29. u wan born Jesus? abi nor be pikin wen others dey born u wan born wen make u dey go naked.

  30. She have a husband, people should allow her husband to condemn her first before you guys start passing rubbish judgement on her… I mean will u guys make heaven before her? Safe delivery BAby… We all came naked we are going the same way… Use ur brains good people, heaven is not by what you are wearing….

    • Why don’t u take a half naked picture and post it on social media since it is good to u. Just shut up if u have nothing good to say.

    • I don’t have time for Abuse… And mind you even if I want to do that is my business nt yours

    • My Dear u are right by saying plp should mind their business, she is a mother it nt dat gud as she showcase her nakness to d whole world to see , & for her to showcase it on social media she should be expecting insult for plp becos it wrong but all d same we are African nt oyinbo whom goes nakes in d name of fashion .

    • If you think you have no problem with this her abuse of womanhood in d public then u already have tickets to hell fire

    • So u mean u r very happy to see ur follow women bin nake in a social Media, are u one of them that go out bin nake. Repent and give your life to Christ, the Bible says no seducer Will inherit the kingdom of God,

    • Don’t mind her,when she can’t accept her mistake, and correct her seif then how can she correct others

  31. Ladies please give yourselves little respect some of you are disgrace to motherhood learn to respect ur body stop exposing ur body I don’t know what you will teach ur children

  32. I tire for all dis stupid baby bump tins, first class stupidity display in Nigeria is too much, wetin we gain from the naked display now

  33. Naija and their level of reason Someone have come to share her Joy with you, instead of you to congratulate her you are raining insult on her. You guys are JOY killers.

  34. Most she naked before she snap a pix,what is this?we are African, not foreigner we keep our body I.e our nakedness for our husband,not for public figure,pls we should change, and I wish are safe delivery.

  35. D fact z she don’t kukuma need to cover anywhere again she for showcase every part of body cos she’s pregnant, may b na she first get pregnant b4 sio…… Congrats sha

  36. U people are busy giving her bad comment ,she’s busy making her money,, beside did the husband inform u people that he don’t like the pics,,I taya for una,,I wish u safe delivery pretty.

  37. dis is how u ppl kill urself untimely, I don’t pray for ur death o bt remember we are African (black ppl) stop comparing urself with d white ppl.#ayafspoken

  38. must u showcase ur body……been pregant is nt a new …..so pls cover urself…….we are still Africans for cryin out loud.

  39. It’s called dignity..dats y d likes of Omotola, chioma, Uche, dakore, Rita, Kate just to mention but a few can differentiate between acting and reality. They always present themselves in a dignifying way and manner.

  40. Why must you show off your pant??? When you dress like a mother and also like a responsible wife maybe with your gown or Any decent dress,take ur photos we shall see and Thank God for sure… So why naked?can I really pray for you with you like this??? Is that fashion or stupidity???disgracing your husband and ur family. Come on stop dat.

  41. Is that why u naked yourself? And ur husband and mother were looking at u as u are disgracing womanhood by going completely naked cos u are expecting a baby girl! U are not properly brought up, if d truth will not be bitter in ur ear!

  42. This is a clear case of moral decadence If an expectant mother who is supposed To b a role model is necked B4 millions of her fans I wonder What she wud teach her unborn Daughter. This is Nigeria Not the States.let’s propagate Good values not satanic Conduct.

  43. If u value ur husband and ur marriage, i dont think u will xpose ur husband’s property to other men like this even if all men have had it in the past now that u claiming to be married even though the world knows is for formality sake u should have pretended a bit

  44. Nigeria is a crazy place.. Wen sth strts abroad …every women is in competition to do it here too…if every woman puts her pregnancy on facebook ..wht would our world look like…is this a new way of registering ur child or wht?..your husband deserves some privacy too…nasty…show us the child birth process as well…COW!!… U are now Nikkiminaj and Kim…

  45. Must you tell the world that u are expecting baby girl, wat if God turn it to boy? U are not God, learn from Mercy Johnson okojie

  46. There are so many good examples 4rm d westerners, lyk programming, or manufacturing sometin to cure a disease or even comin 2 Africa to help d vulnerable, our own celeb na yeye dem like 2 copy, n we claim 2 either b Muslims or Christians, dia is God ooo.

  47. Give ur lives to Christ and make sure u train up the children dat God has given u in the way of God,Jesus is coming soon.

  48. This is the only things that Nigeria girls can copy from all this foreigners never copy there gud attitude but only the bad ones


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