Entertainment News Actress Toyin Aimakhu Moves Back To Matrimonial Home

Actress Toyin Aimakhu Moves Back To Matrimonial Home


According to reports, Toyin Aimakhu and her hubby, Adeniyi Johnson have reconciled for the second time after their latest separation scandal.

A source told us that the actress has moved back into her matrimonial home in the Obadore Area of Ajah, Lagos.

We reported earlier that the actress stormed out of her matrimonial home in anger when she caught him flirting with a member of her staff.

Please you people should give them a break. Couples have problems and they settle and theirs is no exception. They are already trying to make peace,” revealed an source.

When probed further, Adeniyi Johnson publicly confessed his shame via his Instagram handle and admitted he was caught flirting.

Nollywood stars, Toyin Aimakhu and Adeniyi Johnson have been in the media for the past two weeks regarding their marriage crisis.



  1. Am happy for u sister, forgiveness is d ultimate. Husbby pls don’t do it again, we are all humans, try nd control d man in u, she gat all u need in a woman

  2. Praise d Lord Halleluyah,Mrs Toyin Aimakhu i thank God 4 ur life nd again u take to good advise,o jo ara e loju,omo a gboran si e lenu amin,laipe laijina a wa ba yin ko omo okunrin, obirin,ibeji, jade amin, may d Lord be wit d couple amen, Joo mase gbo ti elegan,my dr oko won lode oo,Mo gbaa ni adura okun ife aro ojo ko ni ja mo amin, (Iyawo osingin)

  3. Am so api 4 u, aunt toyin. Thank God you allowed love to prevail n I pray d devil won’t creep into ur home again IJN (Amen). Omnia Vincit Amor

  4. Aimaku mobae gba adura pe ebi okunrin abiro ati obinrin abiye esu koniyayin oooo

  5. nice one….God will strengthens your union more…and affliction shall not rise the 2nd time

  6. Am so glad for dem dere is always ups n down in every home but how we manage it matters.

  7. Toyin omo to jo daddy inu mi dun pe ogboran si awon eniyan Oluwa yio fi aaye gba e nile oko e atunika koni tu iwo ati okn ka ni oruko nla Jesu kristi amin

  8. Tanx god 4 dat am real happi 4 u ,adura mi pe eniyan bi esu,esu bi eniyan ko ni tun yin ka laipe lai ijina won a ba yin ya yo omo loruko jesu amin

  9. Gud decision 4 u guys.Pls Toyin neva leave ur matrimonial home again n tu u d husband,don’t giv room 4 temptation again o.Wish u gd luck

  10. 6is toyin am here 2 advice u as small as i am,mind u never leave ur hubby 2 any gurlz both of u are meant 2geda.proof 2 people dat u are a responsible lady nw coz most people do say dat u are a prostitude mayb they judge u d way u act make dem judge u like dat.buh 4 u actress it vry hard 4u 2 found ur heart desire bcoz they believe u are all d same! do u want 2 end up like faithia? never pray 4dat my dear”settle wit ur hubby ok and proof 2 people dat u are more better dan dem as 4me i can never allow any idiot gurl 2 snatch away my king*toyin oko won lode grap ur copy nw*# ifemide cares

  11. if two lovers did not fight it means that they dont luv each other but if they do it means they luv each other it a gud thing 4 u two comming back together esu o ni tu yin o e o ba arayin kale

  12. Aunty Toyin aimaku pls go back your husband’s house that is your home God will give u wisdom to make your home a happy one

  13. Good for her, who cares anyway, the girl doesn’t look like a wife material as far as I am concerned . She more of omo ori Irin rubbish lady.

  14. thnk God o, am happy for u sis……to mr adeniyi johnson, mk sure u control ur body too y u dey cheat on her?ur wife hs evrytin…..

  15. Aaaaabeg ooooo people nar don come oooooo mo nar no destrul my role model marraige oooo i beg go on my role model wit ur husband till death

  16. I tire..dis celebrities self..very soon d go post wen d wan shit..must u tell d whole ur having issues wit ir hubby n upto d point of leaving ur matrimonial home..d just d carry marriage n divorce play..smhh


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