Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Add Some Flesh ‘Abeg’ Fans Slam Ebube Nwagbo For Her Slim Figure

Add Some Flesh ‘Abeg’ Fans Slam Ebube Nwagbo For Her Slim Figure


Add Some Flesh 'Abeg' Fans Slam Ebube Nwagbo For Her Slim FigureEbube Nwagbo took to her Instagram to share a photo of her new look but she wasn’t prepared for the multiple backlash over her newly found slim shape.

The Nollywood actress posed for a mirror selfie in a striped turtle neck top tucked into a belted black denim trousers.

Ebube, who noticeably looks smaller, was subjected to many comments from her fans who told her to add some weight while some tagged her a snub for not replying to their comments.

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It should be noted that, on several occasions, Ebube has assured her fans that she is happy with her new look but they seem not to have listened.

See screenshots of comments below:

Add Some Flesh 'Abeg' Fans Slam Ebube Nwagbo For Her Slim FigureAdd Some Flesh 'Abeg' Fans Slam Ebube Nwagbo For Her Slim FigureAdd Some Flesh 'Abeg' Fans Slam Ebube Nwagbo For Her Slim FigureAdd Some Flesh 'Abeg' Fans Slam Ebube Nwagbo For Her Slim FigureAdd Some Flesh 'Abeg' Fans Slam Ebube Nwagbo For Her Slim FigureAdd Some Flesh 'Abeg' Fans Slam Ebube Nwagbo For Her Slim Figure



  1. is this what she referred to as healthy life style? what a pity… she’ve lost her beauty to the so called healthy lifestyle…

  2. There are two reasons why people don’t mind their business, One, they have no mind and, Two, they got no business. Its her body, not yours.

  3. Is her shape ur shape….if u wanna add some flesh then do it, let her do wah works for her.. The lady no even send una ..#BadBelle is allowed.

  4. Ebube ure very beautiful…but as ur fan…I don’t like d slim ebube nwagbo My sweet u weren’t really fat, but u were cute d way u were…..don’t shade more weight pls…Lov u

  5. Lol… Abeg u guys should leave her alone oooh… It’s her body and she has d right yo do wateva she wishes to do with her body and she looks nice in d slim figure

  6. She was just ok d way she used to be…but anyway,is her body not mine…so I hav no reason to condemn her chosen slim figure….#ndimmaduself!

  7. Tɦɛsɛ ɖօɛs ռօt ʄɨt ʏօʊ at aʟʟ………….ɨts ʄɨts Yʋօռռɛ Nɛʟsօռ քɛʀʄɛċtʟʏ.ɨ քʀɛʄaʀɛ tɦɛ ʄօʀʍɛʀ ʏօʊ.

  8. See beautiful bebe! If you don’t like her shape na ur palava be that. It is her body, if she decides to eat excessively and become the fattest woman in Nigeria, it is still her body. So far she’s healthy, she can rock her slim figure!

  9. This thing is really getting too much, people drink all manner of tea in the name of weight loss forgeting the side effects! Bfor u know it they start saying that one has #liver #kidney #heart disease, nd all manner of sicknesses that demand huge amount of money. Pls lets take this weight loss of a thing easy.

  10. IF.SHE FAT UNA GO YAB HER If she slim down Una go yab her. Her life Her choice Her money Her time Her world so what d problem. Amibos wey no even rich like her doorrrrrtr

  11. And she was chubby before ooo, I was your boyfriend I will run for my dear life as I dunno whether it’s normal or the other way round. This is sickening I swear

  12. Noooooo,bt at least to an extent,have u guys taken a gud luk at her face ,nw compare d face of d EBUBE NWAGBO dat we all know to dis face we r seeing nw .pls ma u luk prettier den nt nw

  13. I know dis life it’s self is a choice, bt God dat created we humans to be come social is nt a fool.is so we can have Pple we talk to ,relate issues wit nd also listen to,dat is d more reason y we r her fans

  14. Is her body n she went for d weight loss..she isn’t looking bad anyway…when she fat una go still open mouth…cant u guys close ur mouth before fly go enter am one day n get something doing…go give her flesh if u so want her to add up…they r not complaining

  15. Can’t we tell ourselves d truth 4 ones,no body is saying dat her loosing weight is bad but too much of a thing is baaad.she should add a little flesh,naturaly she’s not d skinny type she should not spoil her stature.

  16. Sometimes if dis celebrities are sick,dai we change it 2 weight lost. Abeg u guys should always say d truth n let d truth set u free.

    • Ur mouth go put u for trouble oh ahba which kind talk be DAT b4 una know it don spread hmmm

  17. Why is everybody thinning off these days? If you try this shit in my house, my mother will say is your witchcraft that is disturbing you. Beside I love thick girls oh

  18. One thing I love about her.. Are her shoulders nd hips… Buh it’s her life ooooo pipo

  19. Ha she don go do this thing too, she was never fat nah a perfect figure I admire so much y nawa ooo

  20. Seriously I love d former ebube. But its her body n its her choice. Like funke akindele will say “wat r u talks abt” Dats y I love Genevieve, keep it going girl

  21. seriously eeh, its her body n people are already drinking on. her matter …. I don’t even expect people to comment on this headline. wait o did she seek any of your financial assistance before she bought the so call slim tea. think before you comment on issue sometime

  22. Common sense isn’t common.. Even if u break open some peoples head n put some sense,, they or still gone b senseless.. #mbok


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