Entertainment News Afia Schwarzenegger : Ghanaian OAP Proposes To Don Jazzy

Afia Schwarzenegger : Ghanaian OAP Proposes To Don Jazzy


Don Jazzy once shared a picture of himself holding a placard with the caption “Please help!!! I want to marry in 2015.”

This attracted the attention of Ghanaian OAP, Afia Schwarzenegger, who apparently has the hots for Jazzy.

The former Happy FM OAP posted a picture of herself carrying her own placard, which read, “I want to marry Don Jazzy 2015.”



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    • hw can u tell someone that she is useless. there is no useless being on earth. hmmmm. mind ur speech oo

  2. U all stupid motherfuckers insulting her, is this the first time u have heard of woman proposing to a man? wat the Fuck is wrong with you guys.

  3. I guess She’s just making fun of Don Jazzy coz it would be so shame for Don Jazzy to go out with such a prostitute lady …. #Ashawo afua

    • ur momi weh bi ashawo fool foolish fool e no be ashawo u dey fuck kwasia foolish man like you ur mfa eeeer fool u sef you marry fool ashawo………cam get me if you can nima is the place………#afiayoudoall…………fuck you foolish ernest kofi kwasia asumamani……..

  4. I guess She’s just making fun of Don Jazzy coz it would be so shame for Don Jazzy to go out with such a prostitute lady …. #Ashawo afua…shameeee #Nonsense

  5. Huh. how can a woman propose to man. Huh this is not normal. shame afia. Is a man who proposes to a woman

    • anoda fool go ask your momi……..yourmoda proposed to ur dad just to give birth to you stupid fool……….cam get me if you can nima is the place……………FOOOOOOL


  7. I see notting wrong in what she did…. She can’t just hold it anomore than to say it out… I think is ok ___ is her luck if Don baba j acept her proposer.

  8. JAZZY she is just expressing her feeling buh plz tink twice pray to God and see wat he have for u weda she is ur love sent from God plz

  9. Ghanaian bitch in love with Nigerian producer. Afia we don’t want u as Jazzy’s wife. Vote Afia out!!

  10. lmdfao… put ya hands up if you really know afia? those of you raising insults on her are more stupid….. afia is a controversial tv presenter….. she is just making fun of Don jazzy….. lol you can look from the school scene of the photo…. she disses anyone…. she frees her mind…… she married to a very rich honourable man and has two gorgeous twins “John and James “……hahahahahahaaa you guys should search for facts before you make judgement….. nkwasiafo)

  11. U plp shld stop insultin Ante Afia, she is just makin fun of Jazzy, dnt take Ante Afia’s jokes seriously pls

  12. she porposed to him no big deal about that,don is looking 4 a wyf likewise she is luking 4 a husband……

  13. you ppl shud mind your business, and watch afia shud do her own tin. Afia i wish you all the best in your dreams

  14. very funny and stupid of some ppl who really don’t even have a clue about who they are calling names here. Afia is not in need for a man she already have a precious one who is counted amongst the best in terms of wealth and riches. she is surrounded by a very beautiful family. she drives the most luxurious cars and lives in a pent house of which most of u madafurkerz raising insults wish to be nothing but just his gate men or house help. she is my friend and live large with no worries. think about yourself. she is working and not a prostitute. if UB guy or lady on this platform and calling her names and u have not slept with more than one then safe but if u have, God will judge u and u will suffer and continue to be thinking about ppl who are prospering by Grace. who is ever righteous on earth? you got the guts to call someone’s mother and wife a prostitute fuck y’all. u ever paid her for sex? what she did is just part of her work professionally to create attention not in need of a man. if its that’s alone like do u guys know readily guys yearning to be part of her life? IDIOTS in CAPITALS just in case u didn’t see well. shallow minds graduate into higher thinkers because she is just one.

  15. See guys lov goes to wer lov comes frm,soo if Don is single n he wnt to mingle with Sam one in dis yr,then let me tel u Afia is ready to mingle with him soo plssss liv dem waii

  16. please allow ma mother to express her feellings cos she is a HUMAN BEING not an ANIMAL, even ANIMALS have feellings. so stop insulting ma mother like that. please am on ma knees just stop it cos you do not feed her with your fucking money nor food, you do not chloth her, so please am pleading on behalf of ma mom…………..

  17. She is already marry cn u c a weddinhg ring in her hand,she jst makin fun on don jazzy ok n piple shld mind ur own biz

  18. The possibility of woman proposes to a man is real , but not afia proposing to don jazzy please guys .

  19. Nooooor is Senseless cos Don jazzy is A satanic person Afia Alert prostitution will n’t help U.

  20. OMG…..what’s wrong with all of u?? Insulting and backbiting someone on social media?? Please be wise……My GOD

  21. fuck all dose insultin her. dnt u guyz cc dt both of dem r jokin.Moreover Don needed an answer frm a lady nt a man. f**k de dose

  22. why u Gh ladies like Niger guys last tym it ws yvonne nelson nw is afia omg gh wat are u want dis nigerians

  23. you guys should mind us own biz n stop been childish on social media it takes a lion heartfor a lady to. say such I pray that I get that heart so i can voice out my felling and for Afia I no her she is just making fun of that old man called don’t jazzy she has a husband and the man is a pasto…..so u guys should stop raining insult on her.

  24. people just talk without thinking u no afia is found of doing funny this she can do more and even better Thank this So (think before u talk)

  25. even though I don’t take Afia to be serious. dos ladies up Der who always think we are in Africa and only a man can propose love to a woman and they are still single. dey Der. u will continue to be single till thy kingdom come. Afia is jst jovial. so dos pouncing insult should shut their mouth.lol.Afia is my fan.

  26. she’s jst making fun of him. This woman is nt a prostitute pls. That’s what she does. always making fun of ppl…Hahaaha.

  27. Did u forget what the bible says in his book about end time that. A time is coming when women will be beging man for marriage u guys havnt se eny thing yet this just the begining of end time.

  28. U dnt even knw,now aday,mst of d girls they ar d ones tht start or express d intrest of d man or propose b4 d man accept d request of d girl indeed!

  29. afia to she bb wild gal she wan chop DON JAZZY ie monies afia obinim go mock u oohh….!!!hehehehe de vgma dae afia says oh my God luk at dat pastor obinim#obinim to go edit am. oh my God luk at dat bitch afia pooley…….?

  30. my dear, time has pass when is only men goes for what the want,now is 50-50,my dear lady’s for for what you think is best for you ,let them talk who care’s

  31. What she’s done isn’t wrong in any way Even within her own culture it’s not wrong in any sense Culture is time-bonded . What’s was wrong yesterday is right today So please, this is no time or era for criticisms but rather time for civilisation So please give her an upper hand because we’re far away from the 80’s. Well done Afia

  32. I fink she z exprsin hr feelinz n I prmiz it will be a shk to all thoz tlkin agst hr if Don J accept HER prpsal jst flnk ur slf in to de CCC.

  33. Is that how uncivilized some of u guys are ? What’s wrong with her proposal. look ,you those who are insulting her are rather De lovers of prostitutes …NONSENSICAL

  34. He alright aren’t he have mouth to chat will a lady oooooooooooooo is bad a guy like you nooo wahala


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