Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Amber Rose flaunts her curves as she enjoys her vacation in Hawaii

Amber Rose flaunts her curves as she enjoys her vacation in Hawaii


Amber Rose put her curves on display in a bikini as she enjoyed her vacation in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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  1. Lolz in wizkids voice now she don dey ball and all the haters there don they hate wonder wonder wonder hun ooo my sexy wonder hun flaunt am well its your property..

  2. Who and how was those tattoos made? Did she removed her pant and expose the thing for those tattoos to be made? What are tattoos for? To be seen and appreciated by people right? I have a strong feeling that this lady always go naked. Thank God today she’s at least in pants and bra.

  3. Everything is hit front and back from her milk bank to her Butt dimple and her cave of wonders where d pant is covering.. My eyes are wet not my….

  4. No worry keep enjoying ur self when the time comes 4 u 2 give account of ur life that tattoo 4 ur body go help uuu…

  5. Ahhhhhh, why is she getting old? Thought they stay young and firm forever? Mscheeeew…. Next!!

  6. Wrong picture angle and poor lighting. These photographs did not do justice 2this gorgeously delectable woman,she’s a very beautiful person.

  7. Whizkalifa’s hoe nd chyna’s hand bag. Shit!!!! Slacked figures/body Mtcheew…….. Next!!!!!!!!


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