Viral News Anita Joseph’s airs her opinion after lady injured her man for cheating...

Anita Joseph’s airs her opinion after lady injured her man for cheating with her mom

 Actress Anita Joseph thinks this man deserves more for sleeping with his lady’s mum..
No way! As painful as cheating is, no lady needs this. Any man who pushes you to lose it to an extent you are even considering inflicting bodily harm, please walk away and leave the sick guy.So many good men out there to spend the rest of your life in jail.
Besides, Karma is for real!
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  1. so what have you don to your mother? go And check who I’d your dad too, cos your mum most have been pregnant for your dad’s best friend.

  2. And what if she was raped?….have u thought of that before concluding? Do u tink she will bring it on air knowing her mom is at fault?

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  4. I washed a video a lady jumping from 14 storey building after finding out her husband impregnated her mum.. Miss mumu your story shouldn’t be different, kill your mum and jump from 20 storey and leave the young man alone fool.

  5. If the gal was his wife, den i wuld av said dat she is justified. But e neva even marry u self na him u cum do dis kind tin to ram. Kia, no oooo. Guy if u comot 4 dat hospital, make sure u pay her back. Which kind rubbish

    • Because he has not marry her that gives room for sleeping with mother and daughter? He – goat!

    • Stupid talk… can my boyfriend sleep with me and my mum, even if it’s my friend I’ll do more than this That serves him right

    • Even if he is not married to the girl, so long she is his girlfriend, why then will he sleep with his girlfriend mum.?…

    • I want to ask u guys supporting the girl action with passion this question,what should the girl do to her mother that opened her legs wide open?i need u guys answer please

    • What the man did is wrong but the should serve her right like her man simple in as much as it is not rape. The mother is evil

    • It a public opinion matter she just give her own opinion,so u people should stop insulting her nd try to understand we all have our different opinion on issues.u dot expect people to have dsame opinion.

    • As for u gals dat support her actions, i really dont blame u coz u ar just like her. U open your legs for any man that crosses ur path all in the name of boyfriend. She is no different from her mom(like moda like daughter) guys are very smart, nd am sure he saw dat the moda is as useless as d gal dat is why he decided to chop nd clean mouth. Who knows, mayb d woman is d type dat likes younger men nd has been sleeping with all of her daughters previous boyfriends. Nd why on earth will u giv a man dat is not yet ur husband sex 4 God sake? How den would u expect him to respect u nd ur family? A gal dat can go to such extent, is capable of murder, nd i hope she is arrested for wat she did. Nd as 4 d guy, dat is God’s way of punishing him for all d illegitimate sex he has been having. If u feel dat my opinion is wrong, den thats ur problem

    • To all the idiots dat are askin wat i would do if i were d gal? What do u tink i would do? When dey ar millions of oda men out there. I wont kill my boyfriend just bcoz he slept wit my mom, nd i wont kill my mom too coz she slept with my boyfriend either. These tins happens every day across the whole world. Bt in reality, it can never happen to me coz i dont date perverts.

  6. Sin is sin, only a fool call sin enjoyment, that is a dangerous exchange; whatever that comes out of bear it with good fate .

  7. This is the hights level of evil and wickness, it tells the kind of girl she is no matter what the guy did to her still didn’t justify her evil deed.The best she could have done is to walk away from the relationship as a responsible girl and wait on God for the right man.fighting over a man or woman all in the name of love is act of stupidity.

    • Joy hero I don’t tink u understand dey story!!! Dey mad man slept with her shameless mother!!!! I tink he it serves him right!! As for her mother hmmmm so sad!

    • Babe stop claiming responsible abi u no read am well, he deserves what ever happened to him

    • Am not saying that what the guy did is good but If u say that the guy deserves what the girlfriend did think of it this way if the guy were to be ur own brother and a girl do this to him will u take it lightly with such person?let’s not be too ractional when making decision thank u

    • My dear if he were to be my brother I would hv still supported the girl u madam joy hw will u feel if a guy slept with u and ur mum

  8. judge not,who a yu tu judge.wat they did is wrong but he didn’t deserve dis..yu a congradulating her now but she is regreting behind bars.

  9. The guy new that the woman was he’s girlfriend mother yet he was playing the both of them… He got lucky this time… Next time he’d be dead….I mean dead yea

  10. nonsense wetin som pipu dey talk self d mother na mumu? shey him gf tin din tire am nd d mother na young blood prick she want i for damage the both of dem if na me dia fanta who dem elp

  11. That’s a lesson. How can one guy sleep with a mother and a daughter? That’s stupid and he desearves more

  12. Babe, ur action never complete if d guy can stil walk well, hail and hearty wt no sign or bruises dat u need anytin to him But if he wakes uo wt one hand or leg half cut or severed wt an everlastin scar or wakes up wt one eye blind……u r d babe

  13. @Hassan Ahmed, u see such guy even if he’s married to her, he will still do the same thing so that serves him very right. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with guys of nowadays hmmm, we should just keep praying that God will not let us see evil! As for the mum ,she don’t deserve to be called a mother, shame on her!!

    • Well, to me what has happened has happened as most people will say. if the girl can just let go of that ,even though I know is not easy at all but she should just try. because if even decides to revenge, it may worsen everything, and I know the mum conscience will keep flogging her whenever she sees that her daughter that if she still have a living conscience.

  14. Guys….guys…. How can u have some dat beautiful and still sleep with her mom…….now the question is what would you do to your mother……

  15. Some women saying that the girl should have killed the guy instead re even more wicked and evil than the guy and the girl’s mother

  16. Tracy said good for him I disagree with that statement its the fault of her mother for given him room for that may be she seduce him who knows in addition he did not force her to open her leg for him to enter she willingly offered her self to him there fore the lady in question was wrong for punishing her man in such way

  17. I don’t need to read the detail he deserved wat ever the girl did because if I was in her shoes I will do more

  18. Why can’t you do that to your mom for her useless why of her life??? Is your mom not the architect of being into that problems,,, that your mom is stupid for live….including you as unreasonable.

  19. Babe as u com do d guy lyk dis, weti u do ur mama?? I hope say d. Hott Oil meet ur mama Toto?? Cos if u no pour am der, u beta do. Abi u no knw say na ur mama sin worse pass??? Shameless mother, I bliv say she stil dey f*uk ur broda join, na wa ooo, na so d Toto dey scratch her??

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  21. She didn’t try at all . She would have done desame to her mum becausethey both commit desame atrocity

  22. Idiot, if u could bath him with hot water, what did u do to ur mum? Let’s ask her did he rape ur mum? LIKE MOTHER, LIKE DAUGHTER!

  23. What kind of immorality is this man practising. The wages of sin is……………….? But the babe has gone too far

  24. Well done dear, but i think he is still alive, u would have slowly killed him n ur mother with rat poison so that nobody will know what killed them.Ur mother is such a disgrace to womanhood, she is not supposed to be called a mother at all.God i reject evil like this one ooooo!!!

  25. Make I first go think watin I go talk because make I nor go talk watin go make that girl commit suicide .either she kill her mother or she go kill herself . I dey come ……


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