Weird and Strange Another ‘Bobrisky’ Emerges in Nigeria Media

Another ‘Bobrisky’ Emerges in Nigeria Media


Another 'Bobrisky' Emerges in Nigeria MediaJust when we thought Bobrisky is a weird, complicated case in Nigeria, another male ‘barbie’ is rearing his head out.

A man named Jay Bugatti is making round on the internet as another version of Borbrisky.

He wears makeup, braids his hair, dresses like a female,rocks heels and even strike poses better than some legit female.

See more photos below:

Another 'Bobrisky' Emerges in Nigeria MediaAnother 'Bobrisky' Emerges in Nigeria Media Another 'Bobrisky' Emerges in Nigeria MediaAnother 'Bobrisky' Emerges in Nigeria MediaAnother 'Bobrisky' Emerges in Nigeria MediaAnother 'Bobrisky' Emerges in Nigeria Media



  1. Having any problem in your waec Gce withheld result or you want to upgrade your result, call me now on my office number +2348163079884… Delay is dangerous..

  2. OMG! Why is this happening? Alert!!This disease called BOBRISKY DISEASE has started spreading. Pls, if u see this and u r a male, take cover immediately b4 u will be d next. I’ve 2 go nd visit doctor to find out how to prevent this disease from affecting me oh…

  3. OMG!!.What in the world is going on!!..One dumb retard is starting a trend that is so disgusting and an insult to every normal human beings in this country of ours!!.Now this!!!…What the hell?

  4. Not again! Not again! Must a male turn himself 2 a female b4 he can sell any female related stuff. This is totally stupid

  5. These people should be arrested. They’re corrupting others. I’m sure another boy would be planning on emerging

  6. What the fuck is dis…… I should even stop follow this gist….. They pathetic

  7. Wen I see people like dis I hardly comment because d person doing dem has used dre picture 4 foot mat in dre shrine, xo obviously dy Ave 4gotten abt dis one ND dats d outcome

  8. I am praying for my sons and generations to come to abstain from such alarming behaviours Make-up is now expensive because of these shemales from the pit of hell .God let whatever that is making our strong men to behave like weak women be destroyed in Jesus name. Amen

  9. See our next rated Gay ti take over Every single stupidity must be a hit… Back to back From make up to weaving to insult Lol… Bt wat is wrng with these guys

  10. Government should start arresting these useless boys including their senior brother Derele

  11. This is a Democratic Nigerian , my people u can live ur life as u like like it. Freedom of madness.

  12. U social media gives them the backup, bcos there are things you should ignore and you shouldn’t post.All attention seekers he-she goat. They will just turn themself to celebrity. I’m sure by June they will be uncountable but if only we took our eyes off them they won’t feel important. Thanks

  13. My dear I know, but if they want to cover that up just like bobrisky, they will say they r just doing it just bcos they want to promote their business… It’s always annoying

  14. I thought they said anyone dat get his or her self in same sex should be arrested? So, why are these good for nutin creatures coming out and exposing themselves? My prayer for dis guy and bobrisky is dat d thunder dat would fire u would come with grounded pepper and boiled tomato

  15. All this gay people are funny sometimes You prefer you fellow men to women, then you come back again to dress like a woman to impress men

  16. Nigerian government should put to an end to all these, if not this is 2nd Bobrisky,another 3rd Bobrisky is coming.wait and see.if u want to b famous, we have so many examples like musicians, actors or actresses that u can learn from.not this type

  17. Sniffing cocaine to light your brain got no gain but pain, so dear stay on your lane and don’t do it again.

  18. The act of joblessness. Had it been you dey for one market dey push barrow, you go get time for all this? Everybody wants to be popular.

  19. So dat old woman way dey near ur house finally don start to dey use ur head dey play ludo? Not my business sha, make I face front

  20. And there would also be another. You guys are creating room for all these, giving unnecessary attention and cheap publicity to a bunch of disgusting things.

  21. The media should stop promoting this kind of stupidity exhibiting by the so called male turning them self to female.

  22. Mumu bobrisky abi bobby which one be ur name ah sure say na ancestral spirit dey follow u….. Shameless human being he-goat, she-man infact lowest of men

  23. Wht nonsense, can u imagen a man turning himself to a dis world is gradually coming to an end

  24. This is what happens when media gives this kind of people undue attention! Ignore them! Don’t write about them! Don’t comment or like their pictures!!!!!! Turn blind eye and deaf ears and this kind of bullshit will reduce but NO media will carry the matter on their head and then everybody will start liking, sharing, commenting on it. Why won’t more people do it

  25. Y won’t dey emerge? U kip promoting gay in this bobrisky y other idiots won’t emerge??? Rubbish

  26. Before now, telling a man that he is behaving like a woman use to be the most annoying thing you can tell a man. But look at what is happening! Children causing their parents heartaches and shame just because they think they own themselves and can do whatever they like. AY and CO please don’t help this sons of satan gain publicity. Putting this out here is a way of publicising and promoting this ungodly and demonic trend . How do we explain to our children what’s going on?

  27. Just see his lap like fish own .. . see,if I slap u – u no go know when you begin dey see star .

  28. “BOBRISKY” disgrace to manhood.==◆}} e leg be like person wen get bow leg and K leg at the same time

  29. I rili don’t blame d gay bastards….. I blame dis Gistreal nd all social networks advertising dem…. Den kids will see dis bullshits called humans nd emulate….. Make dem make cage for dere likes wit baboons in d cage with dem. See his irritating sight

  30. d most annoying thing is dat makeups n other stuffs for females will b getting expensive cos we done dey share am with other creatures

  31. This world is really coming to an end. GOD help us, someone please ask this one where he gets his inspiration from. Is really not funny at all. Young please go get s life. This one you are living ain’t it…..

  32. #Endtime I’m never surprised at this nonsense going around these days,the worst are still comin sooner, Be prepared and let’s give our life to #Jesus

  33. Na u pipl dey mk dis pipl popular..stop posting deir pix.. We dont nid it ..e no dey pay bills

  34. Malachy Evalistus dat guy u called an idiot was once my close frnd but later turned into dis

  35. I like him. He looks so cute. Am having a rock-hard erection going through his pics. I really feel like banging him straight away


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