Art & Humour Photo Of The Day Another drunk in love couple shares loved up photos in bed

Another drunk in love couple shares loved up photos in bed


It seems this is the new trend.

Well, it’s the internet and it’s a very free cyberspace.

See what this couple share to the world.

What do you think?



  1. Lol, some people eeh ok what’s the meaning of this now? Sometime if people don’t see reasonable thing to do they start doing unnecessary thing

  2. Woow! This is so religious oo, we shall introduce this in our school curriculum cos its very educative. Well done please keep it up. Thank you!

  3. So its now a crime for people to be havin good time with each other, whats the reason behind this post now, sense is profitable to direct

  4. nice idiotic performers. keep it up…..! u should hav posted wen u were login into she website without anti virus. try harder next time

  5. chineke kwe le ihe ojor, look at he girl’ mouth like badagary canoe, and the guy like that of the lizard skeleton i killed yesterday this two lovers are fools just lookin for attention am sure they must be yoruba ppl crucify me not ooo

  6. Time will tell on you girl….. He’s only spoiling your life…… U get pregnant… No more school…. Hawk pure water till u put to birth……… And your child will regret ever calling u mother……… It high time we girls learn from our own mothers mistake…… Unless you like the kind of life your family is going through……… Imagine your father did not get to pay your mother bride price….. He treat her like nobody…… Even to the children notice….. Carrying all kinds of woman……. Babes y’all need to keep your eyes wide open, the country is too hard to fall such victims of wedlock

  7. Why don’t you go naked and then that guy will receive a lot of welcome visit of beating from fan lozz abeg the are not drunk

  8. If get the gal number I for talk sense inside her but as l no get am let her know she might end up in village or getto with such useless guy and for those ladies her doing the same in secret same await you this is lack good moral brought up by parents. Letter she will be going from one church to the other in search of husband forgetting when she put useless pix on Facebook

  9. i rebuke every spirit of foolishness out of my life in Jesus sori for u nincompoops.

  10. Well , I don’t see what’s ugly in this girl ,moreover u said u love her then why mentioned “she is ugly” Then is appearances shows the manner ,nowadays “your believe about someone doesn’t makes u better person ur behavior does” u can never ever see the bad side of the person u loves ,bcos true love is unconditional

  11. I never new is picture oooo I thought is drawing especially de guy neck anyways am on my way to London wan go see waiting hole buhari

  12. Well. Is their own thing, I think they ain’t suppose to be posting pictures of themselves in bed

  13. Diz 1 NA beauty Nd d beast…….sha everybody has their own romantic moment. Dix 1 NA their own so let dem shine on

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  15. Jesu ! Both of u come here…. I say kneel down ….. Now repeat after me, “Every witch that has been eating my brain, oya vomit ***vomit***vomit……

  16. From angle 100 and 290 both look like New lovers But looking from my perspective both look like my grandparents

  17. Girls don suffer see kettle calling pot black Mr lover for ur mind u fine pass d girl abi guy park well don’t try it next time.


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