General Another Nollywood Veteran Actor Is Battling Diabetes. (Photos)

Another Nollywood Veteran Actor Is Battling Diabetes. (Photos)


obi-madubogwoVeteran Nollywood actor, Obi Madubogwo, is currently battling diabetes and needs support from well meaning Nigerians.

According to Apga Alaigbo who shared the photos.




  1. Chaiii Obiii. You have always battled Diabetes. Our God will heal and perfect ur health in Jesus name. Amen

  2. Wait a minute, is it a crime for them to sleep in the Lord, why are they all dying through kidney disease, cancer, amputation, diabetes, asthma, gunshot and motor accident,, seriously there should be a serious praying and fasting for Nollywood o…

  3. I’m surprised they are close to prophet TB Joshua but refused to go to him for healing whiles people from other countries come there for their healing

  4. Too much of sugar na enjoyment abi .,wen ona go dey flex i dey dere? Sha be healed nd flex sugar no more

  5. The greatest physician and doctor of all doctors..He that healed the man by d pool of bethsaida for 38 years will see you through…and I pray that this sickness shall not b unto death but to give glory to God…Amen

  6. Start boiling mangoe leaves and give it to him, they said is good for diabetes also medicinal cannabis is good according to medical specialist.


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