Art & Humour Photo Of The Day Is there anything wrong in how this NYSC member wore her uniform?

Is there anything wrong in how this NYSC member wore her uniform?


This lady was pictured wearing a long skirt rather than the usual NYSC trousers to complete  her NYSC outfit.

Some people can’t adhere to laid down rules for anything. Some would say she’s an extremist, or does she have two heads?

What do you think?



  1. She is the lady that says shame to other ladies that chose to disobey God, but obey man. But she herself forgot the portion of bible that says obey them that have rule over you. I know very good born again christains who went to serve their fatherland and wore the NYSC uniform, it doesn’t make them sinners, they are adhearing to the clarion call, it doesn’t mean you are better than them. So keep wearing your own skirt and leave the others alone.

    • #Geraldinechigozieike, its very much impossible my dear, you know some of these people who claim to be holier than Jesus Christ does the worst things.

    • Rubbish! Please tell me where in the Bible that said Trouser is a sin. Wearing long skirt will not take u to heaven. Stop deceiving ur self

    • #DorisBessong really she said her mind, i hope she still live a holy life in her private, and not just in the open.

    • Omowumi Titilola,hw do u prove dat trousers r men’s wear,while Jesus himself never wore them.He n other prophets only wear long garments(gowns of nowadays)…

    • it was clearly stated “no garb of an able-bodied man should be put upon a woman,neither should an able bodied man wear the mantle of a woman”.gown or not,there are obvious difference between men and women wears,even in the stone age.

    • @omowumi,did deut22:5 lay emphasis on trouserz or on wat belongs to a man?Is trouser a manz wear?I believe u av choristers in ur church,d shirt dey wear on dia skirtz is classified under which wear?a manz clothing.I believe u wear shorts,tights,under ur clothins,bum short or boxers at home.Who r we deceiving?still in DAT deut 22,read down n u will c where itz written dat one shd nt put on garment of divers sort as of woolen n linen,thou shall not sow ur vineyards wit divers seed lest d fruit of thy vineyard b defiled,a man shd not marry a non-virgin.How many of u kept does lawz?none!!!!!!Y lay emphasis on trouserz dat was not even specifically written,read ur bible well n u will know dat in dos dayz ,der was notin like trouserz BT gown.We all talk of trouserz,wat of dos so called born again dat dia character is notin to write home abt?We shd work on our personal relatnshp wit God n leave dis trouser issue.Av seen galz who don’t make up,wear long skirt bt r dogz.Plz read d bible well n pray for understandin

    • hope you understand my comment @mary james i answered according to #maryjanenwalieji question.

    • Omawumi Titilola,no need for all dis epistle nah.Tonikal Paul said someone should show him/her a verse in d bible where it said dat wearing trouser is a sin and u specifically replied him saying he should go to deut.22vs5.I asked u dat question based on ur reply to Tonikal Paul…,where r u coming from or heading to cos I dont understand U….

    • Lol,@maryjanenwalieji obviously,i’m not writing an epistle here my bible version didnt specifically states trousers,but it mentioned “garb” and “mantle” ,and if you checked the meaning of those words ,they are clothes worn by some particular type of people. thanks.

    • even if they didnt wear trousers in those times,it doesnt mean that the men and women put on the same wears. i hope u understand ME now.

    • Omowumi,in d Bible days men n women wear long gowns bt dia z a difference btw a man’s gown n a woman.U guyz knw dat we have men n women’s trousers.Case close n end of discussion.Wearing trousers z nt a sin if u use ur head to see tinz clearly n nt just following n obeying a man made law n idea.

    • i never said it was a sin to put on trousers,biko. only pointing out where it was said in the bible,though it didnt mention the word “trousers”.and if you use your head wella,you would see the insight.thanks.

    • Telling her to use her head wella is an insult. And insult is a sin. So its not only wearing male clothes is sin. Using bad words in someone is also a sin Omiwumi titiola.

    • chichi,i intentionally said it….she said it first. i dont mean to insult anyone,but i dont take shit.

    • Obey these in authority over u even is displeased God right? Daniel and his brethren says, we will not bowdown to ur gods even if our God will not save us from the fire.

    • okay na,u na don finish?to God b d glory,in conclusion of all says responsible dressing is what is required whether trouser or skirt

    • We dnt need all dis argument pls read Galatians 5vs 19 -26 God wil help us… Its not about trouser

    • Well, everybody has their own opinion but all i knw is dat a man can neva wer a woman’s trousers, if he does, there will be trouble

  2. I don’t by d idea of pleasing yourself when it comes to rules n regulations.. Dis days the way student who serve treat or dress in corpers uniform need to d address… What’s wearing trouser gone to do with her religion moreover its service cloth, nationwide cloth…. Deeper life member now wears trousers dis day so what’s your own problem. The shirt even look it wrapper. She should be ban

  3. Issorite… Is when we get to heaven… That we will know who is holy and not… The bible say judge not… For you not to be judge.

  4. Lack of knowledge…….. NYSC khaki was the first trousers , I wore in my life and that doesnt mean I am holy. She can’t even participates in any activities in the camp because what she’s covering will definitely be open. Receive brain my sister…..

  5. Can she participate fully in all d activities involve in d camp, can she climb d mountain with dt skirt, she is disobeying her leaders

  6. Who made you judge over others? Because you wear skirt doesn’t make you a saint. Hypocrite, I don’t just like your type from day one

  7. Some of this churches no our days have turn some under 20 to 60years old deeper life or chosen my brothers they add age to the normal age you have. Godforbit me be coming and old woman all in the name of church

  8. Since she knw that she can’t wear the NYSC complete uniform why did she go to service at d first place. In fact must she serve.

  9. Stop deceiving yourself you cannot perform any task in the camp with shirt. Stop being disobedient obey Authority.

  10. Dats u guys problem she stands on wot she believe n dats d right thing to do unlike some of u d compromise,carry sis Whither u participate in d exercise or u choose to obey God rather dan man

    • The bitter truth you are talking about, is it that the ladies shouldn’t put on NYSC trouser or that the ladies are shameless, which one?

  11. There is nothing wrong in what she is wearing n there is nofin wrong in others wearing trousers too…wearing long clothes or trousers makes u neither a saint nor a sinner….simple!!

  12. If wearing trousers is not bad y is it that men are not wearing it? We humans we like justifying thing to suit our canal body some will say is church is not about church but want is in the BiBle DEUTERONOMY 22 VS 5. even nature made it so. Can a man wear skirt or gown to the office people will laugh at him but cos it looks some how and it does not fit. So leave the lady alone she is just following the scriptures.

    • Make she follow scripture infact I love those who love God but she already proving a rebel for not collecting letter of exemption from NYSC

    • Hahaha scripture my eyes. Take a good look at that girl she is under 30but she looks like my grandma haha. Let me tell you something this nonsense they are fussing ppl in to it. Let me ask you a question as crazy as I look I may be very honest but that her grandma clothes doesn’t make her the holy one

    • Where is it written in the bible that trouser is men’s clothing? Bible mentioned garment because then, it was garments men and women wear but men’s garment was different from women’s garments. The same with this modern clothing “trouser”. Women’s trousers are different from men’s trousers. Back to the issue on ground about that corp member, Jesus himself said ” give what is Ceasar to Ceasar and to God, God’s.” If she can’t wear the khaki trousers given to her, she should not have gone for service because she already knew the dress code.

    • The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom @Henrietta ifeoma Daniel pls what is the meaning of garment? Trousers can never make you Modern. sincerely speaking we all have answer actions on earth may God help us all shalom.

    • The bible says do men should not where women’s clothing and vis-visa.Men have their trouser and women has theirs. Some clothes are even unisex like polo,T-shirts and the NYSC uniform.And have you not notice d that men in those churches hardly marry their members? I know a neighbour back then,wearing this ugly dresses, she looks old and haggard now without husband.I am not happy about that because she is a nice person and doesn’t deserve that kind of brain wash.Then it was evil to with TV,now they are on every television station flying jet.You are still here wearing hideous skirts!

  13. For real her white white too go be d round neck and wrapper some people sha when u knw u can where trouser u should have stayed at home nw disobeying rules and regulation makes u wat Aunty holy mary park abeg we shabi onah type corner package

  14. If may ask, tell me who she will beable to undergo some training with this beans bag she wear call skirt. now if she will clim tell me how that will be possible for her without showing her paint. it is good to expose your private part all because of of born again? or if she wear skintight is it not same thing with people that wear troubles? abeggy…

  15. I don’t know how people view this NYSC program,if you can’t follow the set down rules and regulations why serve?Instead of embarrassing the uniform,she should have collected an exemption letter….Tell me can she go through the man o war activities with this thing without opening her yansh?SMH.

  16. Ever since I started wearing trousers I have minimised to the barest level all kinds of secret sins I indulge in n covering it with long skirt n saying who will know since am a decent girl who does not even wear trousers, so many girls r perishing dis way… True confession

  17. Lolzzz.. She Wants Her Name To Enter The First Book Of Record, The First Woman That Wear Skirt And Serve Nigeria. Lolzzz

  18. it her life and only God knws who is who,if only she can cope wit it at camp ,but dat does not mean those dat wear trouser are sinners

  19. This babe be like who don do abortion tire girl no dey fool ur self say u holy. U don sin tire cum repaint yesterday u wan dey carry holiness for head u better go change DAT tin to trouser oh

  20. This kind of girl can be mean o. If over righteous girl wicked u like this e, u go know how far. But by way, which camp? Cos when I did my NYSC skirts skirts are not allowed. And who made you a judge over others. I hope u wear skirt pants too cos normal pants has two legs just like trousers. So if u wear pants too u have sinned. Lol.

  21. 4 me oo I believe dat everybody has d right 2 live their lives d way dey chose but remember God is d ultimate judge

  22. U ppol are just killing urself… Am not a graduate yet but i know and i’ve seen corpers wear white shorts too…apart from d kaki trousers… Were her white shorts skirts… Which camp would allow that…. She’s just looking for media fame joor.

  23. Am supporting her 100% she is right ibe her dressing i pray the girls should copy from her she is following the word of god which is the bible

  24. Am sure while in camp, she wore white shirt and white flowing skirt as her daily wear.. We Christians sha, too quick to judge, already calling those who wear trousers sinners. Trouser or no trouser, God sees the heart, one can wear skirt and have a heart as dark as coal. Just live a life pleasing to God and leave this trouser shit

  25. You’ve not seen any thing yet. If na me na gown i for sew. So that all of you condemning her should go and hug the transformers in your area.

  26. Cme 2 tnk of it, wil she wear dat skirt 4 camping… I mean does military exercise..

  27. In Scotland men wear skirts,this simply means that if we were colonized by d Scottish our men over here would be wearing skirt to work,apart from that u should also know that even d trousers meant for men r quite different from that of d women e.g legins

  28. I bet she can never wear this while in camp cos it happened when I served and the girl was sent back home. This must be after 3 weeks orientation…

  29. Only God kws wat d can do in secret all dis girls foaming we sabi scripture pass everyone….. She for jst go convent Na.

  30. Ladies wearing trouser is NOT a sin. Some of my Christian brothers and sisters were not properly taught by their men of God. So much to be said about that. That said I ask: how does she plan to do all those military drills? By wearing a skirt? And the camp commandant would allow it? Give me a break!

  31. People always misunderstand what d Bible really teaches. I’m not here to judge her. But really, seeing herself In d mirror, does she she like her looks? D Bible is written in proverbs. D meaning men of God gives to things in d Bible dis days is quit different from d heavily meaning. So pls, let’s stop all dis criticisms and learn to know what d Bible really teaches.

  32. , the bible says “my people perish because of lack of knowledge”. And the bible also say that we should caution of the vices of the devil. Please, any behaviour, attitude or character that does not add to your value will surely diminish you. It is written that “that that which is highly esteem by man is an abomination to God”…. Some dresses now a days is prone to destruction. Remember our body is the temple of God. May the blessed lord grant us mercy and grace. The bible says a little leaven, leaveneth the whole lumps……. God bless us all.


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