News Army arrest soldiers that molested physically challenged Person in Onitsha, Anambra

Army arrest soldiers that molested physically challenged Person in Onitsha, Anambra


Yesterday, a video went viral of two soldiers beating up a physically challenged man for wearing camouflaged cloth. If you missed it, click here…

Well, the Nigerian army has responded to it.

In a statement signed by the Director Army Public Relations, they said they have identified the two soldiers and they would be made to face the law.

Read the statement below…


The attention of the Nigerian Army has been drawn to a video clip in which two soldiers were seen maltreating a physically challenged person for allegedly wearing a camouflage shirt.

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We wish to inform the public that the incident took place on Tuesday 7th February 2017, at Onitsha, Anambra State.

In line with our zero tolerance for acts of indiscipline and unprofessional conducts especially in relation to violation of human rights, we wish to further state that the soldiers involved have since been identified and apprehended.

They have also been charged for assault by their Commanding Officer.

Similarly, troops have been warned to desist from such acts that infringe on human rights and cast serious aspersions on the good image of the Nigerian Army.

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The public should please regard this ugly incident as an isolated case which is not true reflection of the Nigerian Army.

You are kindly requested to disseminate this information to the public through your medium.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

Brigadier General Sani Kukasheka Usman
Director Army Public Relations



  1. The army no try but d guy too no try.. He should’ve started with a Bank security uniform, then scout uniform, then proceed to police before army uniform.

  2. no he should not be arrest, why must he be wearing camouflag does he know what it take to be on that cloth or is there not other cloth

  3. That is good I love naija for sure that man so pursed to be taught a lesson his job is to protect citizen not killing citizen

  4. Thiats vey very good, even if he weared it purposely they could have pordoned him bcos he is physically challenged, i dnt knw y some pple wicked die, we use to offend God and he forgives us all the time, if God want to punish us for evey sin we commit every hours we will all be laying dead now, soo think of dat b4 taking any actions

  5. This is wickedness Yes we all know that its wrong to put on such cloth but this is too much to treat a cripple like am animal. Am sure you wouldn’t dare if it was an artist that wore it. Most of these soldiers are animals

  6. I like the fact that…justice is being served and they didn’t just get away with their wicked act…

    • What is wrong for a crippled unarmed man to wear camouflage…. Will he destroy lives?

    • He knows it fully that no one wears it. I believe is you are not in the system thats why.

  7. Waoh!!,This is awesome in the sense that I trust Gistreel to follow this story and give us the latest concerning the show of shame by this so called uniformed men who have put the image of the Nigerian Army into disrepute!!..

  8. Those soilders always misuse power and authority. That was how they flogged a woman who was using the comuflage cloth as head pad to hawks goods in my area. This nonsense need to stop and am happy they were arrested.

  9. This isn’t fare at all, beating up physically challenged person, they shouldn’t have beaten him and dragging him up and down like that. Just because he wore camouflage

  10. God bless you sir…. for knowing that what they did was wrong…. flog them more to learn there lesson

  11. This Don make me hate solders all of them Na dsame even my blood brother Na 3 star.wicked useless dogs.mumu.people make the soldier people go beat wizkid because Na him best clothe be that Na poor man body dim get power. thief people b. S. T

  12. Yes De man was wrong but dat gives dem no right to do dat to anybody nt to talk of a criple flinging his wheel chair away and dragging him all over De place plus De flogging common ur trained to protect us nt using ur military training on De pple ur meant to defend.De could have easily arrested De guy..I WANT TO PLEAD DAT WE DE PUBLIC BE UPDATED ON DE PERSECUTION OF THE TWO soldiers INVOLVED. I CANT END HIA TANK FOR SAVING NIGERIA ARMY FROM DIS SHAME

  13. Stupid people they think wearing dat army uniform makes them gods among men Dats how me and my frnds was flogged for rejoicing wen Madrid won the last champions league Trophy cus a soldier there was supporting Atletico Madrid to win

  14. God bless them for this,,,,and were is that woman whose mouth was running yesterday bcos she is solder!

  15. 99.9% of Nigerian Army are devil, i mean real devil they are wicked than shaitan. Every bad bad things in this country are done by them.

  16. Story story stories…. For where ? This inhuman wouldn’t do nothing just bring this as news so we think the are passionate . Nigeria army world most heartless set of animals

  17. People keep seeing police as bad , forgetting this heartless and corruption army ,.one day while traveling between Akwa Ibom state and Abia state this people mounted a road block in front of their base if the stop you , you don’t stop park come out and pay them 200 immediately they will ask every one to come out of the vehicle and wait until the year the are please before they allowed you to go as if they are God . The for get their primary assignment . I can’t allow any of my brother to join this useless group.

  18. 2 HT/FT available today Total odds: 30 Price: 7K Sure: 100%

  19. Heart of a soldier…. I have been arrested by armies once and spend 4months …. But their main problems is that they misuse authority…. That is why I retired after joining

  20. My brother is juz an international businessman…. So huge, any soldier that touch him, he is gonna break his bones

  21. Confirm. At least this one go show am say level pass level. He thinks bcos he is a soldier, he has the right to do anything he wants to do abi…

  22. Good one. I love this. Many soldiers have been maltreating many Nigerians in this country as if we don’t matter. That serves him right. I just pray he will suffer times two of what the cripped suffered in his hands….

  23. Two legged frogs beating somebody that has no legs, crawling on her belly. This is to show that our uniformed men are bunch of mentallos that supposed to be tied down in a Celestial Church undergoing serious deliverance.

  24. Very good, very very good. I hope they deal with those guys seriously. No be just to dey aware, abeg. Those guys really need to be dealt with. What they did to that crippled guy was very INHUMANE

  25. And they will be doin sir for wizkid, Tekno, Kiss Dan, Davido etc and even any man with white skin (OYIBO) when they wear the same thing. MAKE GOD PUNISH POVERTY.

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    • Fool like u . you can ask one of your family to put that it on. This time I guess is my dad that we own your family dog Mumu . . you for help the man with cloth if one of ur family is selling shit see ur face like the man way day beat

  27. Its bad none of the nigeria force officials you can trust, look at how they are maltreatin him just because he can’t fight back, or because he has no one to intercide for him.

  28. The Nigeria Army had better redeem their image otherwise it will lead to something else! What wickedness! The other day it was a young lady along ph road!

    • sorry ooo..if dey truly beat up a lady it is a cerious offence in d military world to beat up a lady..dat kind of action calls for urgent sanction and punishment..unless d lady in question does not know her rights

  29. They should b sacked.or d cripple head go catch them.dis year no go pass those bastards bye.they must pay 4it or die 4war

  30. omg let this be true,i will so be the happiest being on earth,they wil neva go unpunished,criminals in uniform

  31. na wash..dem no purnish dem na just to cover dia toomuch respect wey civilians dey give dis military men dey shak dem…me am not scared of any uniform man..i know myself whenever i am intimdated i fight matter d person in question

  32. To all those soldiers that act as if Nigerian army is there papa business Hmmmmm boko and avengers dey oooo


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