Entertainment News Celebrity Gist ‘This ass cream is working’ – Bobrisky brags about his growing booty

‘This ass cream is working’ – Bobrisky brags about his growing booty


Internet sensation, Bobrisky has been making quite a buzz in the last few months.

With his continuous ostentatious display of wealth and non-stop bragging about his ‘bae’, the toning cream expert keeps leaving mouths agape in shock.

Not only are people amazed by his transformation from dark-skinned to light, his shameless flaunting of his sexual preferences, which he keeps denying, makes him a very relevant personality, especially for those who love a good laugh.

Comedian Akpororo calls out Bobrisky while speaking about gays during comedy show (Video)

His latest achievement seems to be his growing backside, which he says is all thanks to a butt-enhancing cream he’s been using.

On one of his numerous twerking sessions, he proudly admired his own asset, claiming it was one of the reasons his ‘bae’ still loved him.

Another occasion saw him caption a video: ‘This ass cream is working. I need to stop.’

Bobrisky recently showed off the derriere in a back view snapshot that showed the gentle curves perfectly, with the caption ‘D Ass’.

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  1. Don’t worry, it will grow to the extent that you will need a lorry to carry just your buttocks

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  3. U still exist???? E don tey wey I don see you for fb oooo!I even think say na you some soldier dey beat in that video sef but I no knw say weed dey worry them too

  4. Those soldiers cannot beat a nonentity like bobrisky, dey can only flex muscle on a cripple. .

  5. which temple is his body belong bragging about nonsense Bobrisky your name looks like a dogs name Lol

  6. Congratulations to those who have made this ‘thing’ popular by commenting each time he pops up on this blog.We are the real heroes

  7. i used to love Buhari but he’s no where to be found now so i’m now in love with Bobrisky

  8. If u people do not stop trending this bobrisky and this gay stuff i will dislike this pageoo nonsense

    • Shut up make you fin were put ur mouth if you dey fin were to commet put just go commet for you own pi. Cuz ie be like say you go happy if your brother see gay as new life style abi you don every change doller fin out how much now for naira to common sifa? !bbbb

    • U are mad. Was I talking to u. It was just a joke but u took it seriously. Go to hell for all I care

  9. many of u wey dey comment rubbish self na fake ass nigga wit no money nd still go ahead commentin rubbish on sum1 who is already makin way 4 is self

  10. Oga reporter Watin be this nonsense na, we ask you say we want bobbriskY news why u dey fool your self no be must to get post for today you go rest nodey post rubbish. If you post bobbriskY again Watin go kill am go kill you too since you no wan rest abi you na gay

  11. You are indirectly promoting rubbish and stupidity. whatever this guy does is now a news so annoying

  12. very soon u gonna b diagnosed with ass cancer coz it will start stinking so soon.i mean sooner than your xpectation coz i know u understand the consequences of those things u rub on ur ass and wherever. me sef wey b girl no use ass cream.idiot to hell wt every stinking part of u!

  13. Pls in this recession i don’t want to hear about this guy before I will go to 14 days paying and fasting for him

  14. Bobby bobby with still growing buttock…. Seriously your brain is paining you…. See your face like NEPA bill… God ll touch your brain n bring it back to normal….

  15. Gistreel u guys are not serious we are talking about our president health and well being u are talking about boobrisky. How the 2 take resemble

  16. He has to enhance everything na especially with this new kid on the block trying to steal his insane popularity

  17. You guys have already turn this guy to a social media personality… For his mind, he is now important bcos u guys are giving him the chance to look important

  18. Anytime I see any post about bobrisky, I’ll just start laughing if I just imagine the hottest part of hell he will go to if he doesnt repent on time….. So, he is still alive….Mtchheww

  19. Food for termites. Everything u r glad about now is gonna b fed upon by termites. So treat urself very well, u end up being their food

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  25. Until people stop paying attention to any post about him, no be person go tell am to go seek the face of God

  26. i pity for d mother dat went through pain bf giving birth to u. bc i know she is regrating d day she gave birth to u bc ur re nothing but a useless hegoat

  27. @olabisi..lwkmd.plz forgive him fr he doesn’t know what he is doing…d hatred i have fr dis guy pass d one wey i get fr federal government

  28. na wa o,so from bleaching,to enlargement of d buttocks,very soon u will enlarge your chest, guy change ,change,APC say change ,pls change,(iya awero pls give me hot beans their)eating)

    • Ooh dear u really did well asking the mercy of God for him. But he is a human not animal. He was only stolen by the devil

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  34. Side effect of the butt cream is worse than cancer. The butt cream does not increase the butt, but makes the tissues there tighter, just like butt implant. When the butt implant is ruptured then the butt falls like a cold pan cake. Now the butt cream begins to fail as the age increases. Just like so many boxers that die of Parkinson, the tissues and muscle are tight n find it hard to loosen up. The butt at a point in age is sopose not to be as full n round as at when young. It is suppose to start dropin, wen it can’t Cuz of the cream n tight tissue n muscle, then u c urself using a wheel chair Cuz all weight from the butt, goes to ur knee

  35. it is all these kind of demons that will mislead the youths of today,then when he already knows the time of his death,we will start hearing “bobrisky has given his life to christ” after misleading thousands…. Olorun ti o gbodo binu eku suru o..just a cheap fame seeker.#tedospeaks

  36. In not more than 400 words with critical example,explain to me why thunder with double strike will not fire that your ass with cancer.


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