News Babcock University Student Allegedly Commits Suicide. (Photo)

Babcock University Student Allegedly Commits Suicide. (Photo)


Founder of BON (Best Of Nollywood), Mr Seun Oloketuyi, moments ago, shared this photo of his Friend’s son, who allegedly commited suicide.

He wrote:

“Sadly this boy committed suicide
So sad!
What must have made this boy to take his own life?! What?!
He was from a very responsible and financially comfortable home. He was getting good care from his mother?!
He was a very good, brilliant and quiet boy, who had the best of education!
Mrs. Unokyoh has been a very good woman to her children, who has committed everything she has to their full support.
Oh! God! Who did this to my friend and buxom sister?!
Who did this to the Bosworth College community?!
Who did this to Babcock university?!
Who remoted this boy to cause this widow this terrible pain?!
Who?! Who?!! Who?!!!
Who did this to my friend?!
Ah! Africa!
A fi ika!
It is only God who can console you Pat!
Good bye, my boy!
May God accept your innocent soul!
Bosworth College International will miss always miss you!”

Nigerian Professor Turned Anglican Reverend, Rev. Ogunmodede, Sentenced To 40 Years In Prison



  1. IM FIT BUY IPHONE 6 for im babe and and she come leave am without trace!! Maybe HE failed an exam that might keep him in school for an extra year.. *A weak mentality might have caused him to commit suicide.. He has an horrible C.G.P.A and might have lied to his parent on having SUPERMAN C.G.P.A!!.Then when the truth became know he suffered from physcological depression of which shame led him to commit suicide He might have been a victim of some form of abuse and could not take it anymore and found suicide as an escape.. He could be suffering from social depression of how he would cope as a graduate and as a man without the help of his parents so as to prove and show them he is man enough to carry out his responsibilites… HE…. ABEG E DON DO FOR NOW…. U are enjoying how I have suddenly turn to mind reader and pyscologist abi?!!!!!..

  2. What where you thinking to take your own life….. Please oooo my people here no matter what you are going through do not think of taking your own life, cuz first you will go to hell and your will put your loved ones in tears….. Luv you all and a big good morning to you guys

  3. Hmm. There are so many reasons people resort to suicide oh. It’s majorly because of depression. Some people even commit suicide because of breakups

  4. Rest in peace but that thing that made u to commit such action is only known by the most high

  5. Foolish one, wasted your parents effort over you. No matter what you are passing through you shouldn’t have committed suicide of the life you did not create

  6. Strait ticket to hell!. No matter wat u go tru in lyf. Sucide is nt d best optiön cus u are nt owner of ur lyf. RIP.

  7. I am sure some dumb people will still go to his wall and type “I heard you are dead….please tell me it is not true”.

  8. people just dnt tink suicide in a day. If u have been through a serious emotional problem. u wont blame people who take their life at d end. emotional trauma eats one up from d inside n destroys him completely outside. it wil just look like ‘no one cared at all”


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