Entertainment News #BBNaija: Checkout What happened at Efe’s house last night after he won...

#BBNaija: Checkout What happened at Efe’s house last night after he won (Photos)


Here are photos of what happened at Efe’s house last night as shared by Jewel Chika who was among the crowd that watched the show from Efe’s house.

Efe’s dad watched his son win the N25million while his mum was so tensed that she could not watch the show.She only showed her son support by wearing Efe customized shirt.

More photos after the cut



  1. Base on logistics, I’m super duper excited for for Efe! CONGRATULATIONS bro!! God bless your generation!!!

  2. Efe don’t entertain marvis that boy/girl doesn’t love u.. please hope u have people to tell u

  3. Congratulations EFE ,am happy that God has remembered your family through you.Pls look up unto God for direction.

  4. God… M touched…. See d gathering sef lyk dz show started dere tv watching in lyf…. Efe God has used u to bless this pple… Kip soaring dear! N as for bisola u deserve even bera buh God knows best cz I bliv he has paved way already for u…. Go girl!

  5. God’s appropriate time 4 dis father is now, who God don bless no one can curse. Jubilat d go am happy for you. Efe 4 d money our latest celebrity in town

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  7. I celebrate with u last night till I lost my voice,i thank God 4 u,i tap from ur grace n mercy,e no easy.

  8. Hey, make dem beef up security there sharperly o! Make dem no kidnap any one of them ask for ransome. Warri no dey carry last. Lol

  9. I know a girl: Name: Emmanuella Age: 10 Occupation: Comedian Salary: earns 120k every month. But there are also some girls i know: Names: Slay queen, Slay mama, Pepper dem gang. Mhiz Queen Occupation: Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat and Whatsapp consultants. Age: 20 – 30 years Future: Looking for Yahoo/Malaysia boys Salary: 1k likes in 1 hour My sister shebi you can see how the witches in your village are singing: “I DEY MAD OVER YOU GIRL” with your destiny. Lemme come and be going. #GodlySc #Yeewofamily #Beerefun

  10. I never had time to watch d show but my advice to d winner, play with cursion not every one love’s u,every one is not u’r friend, some are happy for u while some are angry at u,under world personalities are healing u’r fame & fortune ,this is time to be wise as serpent, I wish u all d best with u’r money I pray it will be fruitful in u’r life Amen.

    • U teaching enmity, if dey didn’t love him dey won’t aspire dis stage 4 him,,,,, doh he has to be careful buh he should love in return……. He say who him be?

    • but that’s the truth . @Andra do u think is everyone that laughs at ur progress is happy with it? so it’s a word of advice.

  11. If efe no win dat yesterday I don’t know what could av happened to me now ,I rejoice wit u guys.

  12. Who I be ??? May ur blessings never depart from u now and forever…Congratulations my Brother based on Logistics this can only be God…

  13. This just soooo emotional…. Am so touched feel like crying for the dad. Thank God he won wonder what would have happened if he didn’t win the man would have been feeling soo bad.



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