Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Beats calls Wizkid a “Rising Nigerian star”… Then Nigerians come after them…

Beats calls Wizkid a “Rising Nigerian star”… Then Nigerians come after them…


Nigerians dont joke with foreigners coming at one of us.

Most times we see Nigerians uniting is when foreigners are trying to poke their noses where it doesn’t belong.

Ask Ghanaians, they can relate with this…

See what they shared on their social media that got people buzzing. Beats made the above post referring to Wizkid as “Rising Nigerian Star”.



  1. Omo…naija no dey carry last for giving response to foolish talks….if say rubbish for front…walahi d response go be a hit back to back….no tym wasting at all..m

  2. Beatz dem funny ooo, wizkid who is on his way to bein called a legend, nah Beatz the call rising Star

  3. Naija people no dey carry last, they don’t back down from a fight and they don’t swallow insult. Proudly Nigerian

  4. wizkid go buy all Ghana and when them come again for life him go buy them again wizkid go keep Ghana president for house feed am for 1000 years. Ghana wey never chop balle full

  5. Everything the Ghanaians talks about Thr Beloveth Wizkid,is just out of jealousy!Bad belle people.Is any of Ghana star like wizkid? In fact they ain’t even close to the small Nigerian artists.Fuck out!

  6. Wen oda country abuse Nigeria,na dre u go see gang up oh from all of them both Christian and Muslim,Yoruba ,Igbo, Hausa,and the rest language, but immediately after the fight them go face themselves again,for social media,up 9ja dem no de carry last for anh tin proudly 9ja to the brain.


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