Entertainment News Celebrity Gist I Could Have Become a Prostitute- Waje

I Could Have Become a Prostitute- Waje


Waje took a trip down the memory lane when she shared a freedom story of how her life was transformed, despite the challenges of life.

Waje wrote,

“I could have been that commercial sex worker with no hope for the future, living in the slum and wondering if the next STD I contract would end my life. But because of the opportunity given to me, I have become an award winning vocalist and songwriter and a voice for generations, leaving an indelible mark in the music industry and my country. This is #MyFreedomStory. Together we can transform more lives in our communities.”

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  1. Anyways, madam waje thank God for your life. it pays to live a decent life, it has never paid to be an olosho, rather it brings so much troubles… to all d ladies out there esp d single, find a decent job, learn a skill, work hard and pray more. God will see us through.. Amen

  2. Wow! Thank God for not becoming one. It would have ended up ur future. You wouldn’t have known what would have bcome of u then. Now, see the reward of living a descent and adorable life. This is a lesson to those who want to give up easily… Your future is brighter than the sun. Don’t make one mistake today and regret 4 d rest of ur life… Gud one Waje

  3. Gr8.. Thank God u didnt venture into that road or jpurney or lifestyle bcos it would have led to ur destruction….

  4. Its your choice….. But thank God for your life… You never make God regret creating u your parent too regret bringing to this world

  5. U would have? Is it past tense or future tense… Because olosho is different from prostitute…. If u not olosho u are gbelepawo

  6. Can’t u see that she’s lying?she said she would have become a prostitute and in her song she said oh I wish that I didn’t have a heart….


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