Viral News Begin 2017 As An Entrepreneur… Make Money From Coconut Oil Processing

Begin 2017 As An Entrepreneur… Make Money From Coconut Oil Processing


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We tend to become better individuals every new year with new  resolutions, and try to stay committed to being our bests. We have made decisions to start up something new or a business to bring food to the table, clothes to wear, go on dates or to the movies and have that feeling of being responsible for ourselves, friends, family and loved ones.

Successful change requires small shifts in thought and behavior over a long period of time. It’s not the big things we do one time that make a difference — it’s the little changes we make consistently over time that bring the biggest payoff.

Why not take up a bold step today to start up something new and be the entrepreneur you have always wanted to be and enroll for our 10 day intensive skill acquisition training program. Utilize your skills, time, and educational qualifications rather than waiting for that dream job, create wealth and job oppurtunities for your fellow citizens. We all know the job-hunt is behaving differently now, than it used to. Things have changed. Dramatically.

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Module 1 How to start up your own business
Module 2




Processing, packaging of your own brand of coconut oil
Module 3 Customer service excellence
Module 4 Secrets on how to reach a negotiation deal with customers/clients



  • Direct link to a graphic designer and website designer for your brand
  • Direct link to a printing press
  • Direct link to supplier of coconuts in bulk
  • Assistance with major e-commerce websites to sell your products and services
  • Free Lunch and refreshments.


We have slots for 10 participants for the first session of 2017 holding between 6thand 17th February, 2017 for N20,000 (twenty thousand naira only) at our facility here in surulere, Lagos state. Please follow the link below (cop and paste) to register for the most convenient stream and you can also make referrals and get a 10% commission for each successful candidate that goes through registration. Apparently, more referrals means more money which will directly be transferred into your bank account of preferred choice by our very own CEO and Head Of Business Intelligence Damilola Bayomi. Let us help you acquire wealth together.

A wealthy person is simply someone who has learned how to make money when they are not working.

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For enquiries, please call our hotline today on 08183595733  Email:casglowp[email protected]casglo[email protected]

Instagram: @casglowvco

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