Viral News Betty Irabor Shares How Nigerian Kids Are Now Professionals In Begging

Betty Irabor Shares How Nigerian Kids Are Now Professionals In Begging


This is majorly why Nigerians find it difficult to help ourselves.

Most people ask for alms when they could actually do without it or most likely they are asking for it on pretense.

Thats exactly what happened to Betty Irabor, Nigerian columnist and founder of Genevieve magazine who shared the happening on Twitter.

In her words, “Saw dis boy at Onikan wailing cos he lost d moni he made from selling pure water: I gave him some moni then spotted him wailing again in VI”


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  1. Well, you cant blame some of them. Man must survive in this recession and since that is their only option, they have no other choice but to go with that

  2. Yeah. Nobody wants to work hard anymore. And do you know the annoying aspect? When a hardworking person gets an expensive asset they start raining insults like why can’t you help others and stuff. Like, is it your money?

  3. Hmmm…. Nowadays, someone cant differentiate between who is a real begger and who is just pretending in order to get somethin 4rm someone without going 2 work 4 it –looking at the adult side of it

  4. They are so because many nigerians like easy money without hard work, you will see a kid who is not disabled, but instead of doing other things to survive, he will resort to begging.This is dry season and pure water business is booming. it is a business which require little capital but they prefer begging, May God help us all

  5. You are partly correct and also incorrect too!..Give if you want,then let God be the judge no matter the method/way the person is asking for it!!

  6. At obalende i met one of dos hausa children dat was opening my backpack slowly cause she saw i put some changed in there until pple started shouting ole.she ran

  7. I gave one guy moni DAT he was going to Kaduna State uni to collect result DAT he misplaced moni I gave him. Moni after two days I saw d guys again guess he didn’t remember me and was saying d same story I no said bros ur result no dey finish?

  8. Dose Fulani n Hausa kids they re professional beggars…. No just pass dia side they go hold your cloth like bed bug

  9. I don’t see any reason why a full fleshed bodied human would beg, I don’t give to such people. What is holding them back from going to work? Laziness I know and you expect me to give my hard earned money? No I wouldn’t

  10. you all have to consider the background of these lads before criticizing them. you have a proper home training with parents who knows the value of education. ask yourselves, if these begging children have the same opportunity you had?


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