General Big Brother Naija: Watch The Sudden Kiss That Left Bisola Breathless

Big Brother Naija: Watch The Sudden Kiss That Left Bisola Breathless


Few moments ago, as the housemates are enjoying a groovy clubby weekend – as it’s customary for the house, a day before eviction – Thin Tall Tony, just swept Bisola off her feet as he planted his lips on hers at the back of the refrigerator, close to the DJ’s stand.

You can see Bisola trying to catch her breath after the sudden display of affection.



  1. Look at you!!..Ordinary kiss is leaving you Breathless!!..You no sabi OTHER things wey person fit do your body wey go transport you to another realm!!…Bia!! stop dis your breathless joke jorh

  2. Just that small thing is making them breathless, nd what if they go into the main thing, they will die

  3. All this people. Well that is one of the mainstays of the show. Nor like I am surprised sef

  4. Bisola’s teeth like FORK LIFT.I beg tell me something about my sweet Gifty,my Mionsy,T-Boss,TTT and Soma.Those are my favourites in the house.Gifty….my sweetheart..

  5. The big brother naija is turning to another thing because this is not the way it is when it started

  6. So dis wat I ll av sleepless night to watch… See nonsense DSTV is showing to the public oooo. See how they re promoting immorality…. Not your fault…. Na thunder for strick una station to pieces..

  7. Yesterday was fun, party all thru,,,, even the games was fun, except that Tboss, boring somebody

    • l can’t wait for Tboss to be up eviction so dat we can vote her out, she is very boring


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