Life & Style Fashion Billionaire’s Swag! Zahra Buhari Indimi Steps Out with N5m Hermes Birkin bag

Billionaire’s Swag! Zahra Buhari Indimi Steps Out with N5m Hermes Birkin bag


Billionaire's Swag! Zahra Buhari Indimi Steps Out with N5m Hermes Birkin bagNewly married daughter of President Buhari, Zahra Buhari Indimi stepped out with her husband in a fashion worthy of a billionaire.

Zahra and her billionaire husband Ahmed Indimi were spotted at the Abuja airport Governor Rochas Okorocha and his wife.

Billionaire's Swag! Zahra Buhari Indimi Steps Out with N5m Hermes Birkin bag (Photos)The 23 year old dressed casually in a black dress, a long print jacket and a black scarf wrapped around her neck.

The popular daughter of the first family covered her hair with a black cap while carrying a red Hermes Birkin bag presumed to cost between N5 million to N7million with the increasing exchange rate.

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Her husband went casual in a pale blue shirt and denim trousers.



  1. Ha, Money is speaking… This is d result when two rich people get married. Life will be so luxurious for them..

  2. Hmm. Although it’s her money but I’m against spending a lot of money just on a single accessory. Like seriously, do you know the amount of lives you could touch with that? Haba!!

  3. Hmmm, if poverty is a disease, that means wealth is a good Vitamin which gives healthy life… This is a proof. Suh-weet!

  4. can u imagine, one person carrying almost 1000 peoples salary on her hand and she call that fashion………! wonders shall never end.

  5. If I should buy….sorry when I no craze…if someone should ‘dash’ me this 5m handbag,I swear I no go hang am for my on top my head I go dey carry am and I no go enter moto na to dey treck make everybody dey see am…

  6. nonsense,i think say na d bag go dey cari her waka na,why she cm hol am for hand,when so many ppl r out there dying of hunger,u r there waisting money for no reason.

  7. For where?….5 to the FREAKING million bag?…..*Lemme go and re-check if na all of us dey dis country for dis buhari period and serious recession!!

  8. Don’t think the supposedly austere nature of the father rubbed off on her. The dad did not reach her to be disciplined when spending, so she is comfortable with the high taste. Sorry o, but buhari’s public image as someone who spends frugally and his private image as reflected by his family are quite different.

  9. Abeg I hear say one paint of yellow garri is #900,in my area,abeg if is cheaper in your area let me no,that’s my own problem for now

  10. Yes ke…its Nigerians money now…and some people will still do rankadede …and dansaki for them even if they don’t have food themselves…not impressed. Money cannot buy common sense or class. If they like they walk on water ,their problem not mine. Sorry for Nigeria.

  11. Wait oh! And this people have the conscience to use such expensive stuff? God have mercy

  12. after now her fada will b saying “i am pightin kwaraption” and his daughter is spndin 5m fo just a bag..well its not my money its not my buying… but there are people out there who are suffering… its not fair ooooo

  13. Change begins with her. Please enjoy your father /husband ‘s money while the foolish youths continue to die for politicians. All political holders and their families are happy and comfortable while 60% of Nigerians are suffering to eat. Please I need her contact, I need to change my pocket positively. Congrats girl.

  14. Please why r people saying some silly lies…… U say it’s her money,… Abegi…which her money,wich politician in Nigeria has personal money…… Make I hear oooo…. If people can form it’s not a big deal, no problem but let her ND her generation,plus her father d so-called president hear nd see hw people r suffering even children dieng of hunger….. People r hear saying its her money, dats why I like d white will you hear d whites spend STUPIDLY on frivolities…..make HolyGhost no slap her oooo for such waste….. Which her money,her father nd his people sit on Nigeria’s progress,nd she has mind to buy ND even feel good of such an xpensive item (of all tinz…… If it’s a normal individual dats not a politician spending dere mony anyhow dey seem fit….. Den I hv no business talking,not d president daughter dat should show more concern more…… For d nation, dey dere dey buy her head say na bag….. Come Zahria or Zaria…. Or whatever go nd learn simplicity from Obama’s queens….. Rubbish…..

  15. na which budget dem put am i thought she suppose hijab all down where thos sharia Muhammad boys na only poor people body una get power


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