Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Bobrisky Replies Man Who Professed His Love For Him On IG

Bobrisky Replies Man Who Professed His Love For Him On IG


Yesterday, we reported about a US based Nigerian guy, who proposed marriage to Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky (in case you missed it)

Bobrisky has replied him but the bleaching expert revealed the “suitor” must be wealthy



  1. I think Bobrisky is the one doing all these himself just to keep up with being popular

  2. After now,, someone from somewhere here will come and argue with me that bobrisky is a cross dresser and not a gay… Issokay,,, I’m keeping tabs to see where this bullshit will end..

  3. Bobrisky!!hmmm, i just pity this guy….he may end up spending all his money on Anus surgery, but its none of my business

  4. For me to b a gay, i prefer to run show to a guy dat did transgender to a lady, dat 1 go stil get toto

  5. He want to make himself important to the nation, Rubbish! We don’t need herbalist to tell us bobrisky is a GAY we can see that. Hahahahahahaha, females never see husband finish, na this he/she goat de claim proposal, chai ur parents must be crying by now.

  6. This dude is a thief. Nothing more. Can you imagine this idiot looking for a wealthy man while his mates are tryna be wealthy themselves? If wishes were horses, this guy go don die. Foolish somebody. Lemme stop here before dem say I don too talk

  7. GISTREEL…hmmmn una dey monitor dis guy ni?..ABEG una don dey give dis guy a CELEBRITY STATUS already why?…HE HAS AND ALREADY BEING SIGHTED AND DISCOVERED as.A.GAY!!.ONLY A MATTER OF TIME HE GETS ARRESTED FOR HOMOSEXUALITY!!.I DO NOT believe he is just one CROSS-DRESSER but a CAMUOFLAGED GAY GUY!!.Abeg make una free dis guy matter and just join us imagine the torture wey him YANSH dey go through and how im go still dey need to wear PAMPERS AND DIAPERS!!!..I don tire for the GUY!!

  8. Arrest this guy together with his partner lock them in one cell then relase them when one get pregnant lolz

  9. chai pampers never do little children let alone this papa ajasco, na pieces of cloth ghost will put for him, if all he will see something like dat.

  10. I don’t know y u people are entertaining him and always paying attention to his gay things and I don’t know y Nigerian as a country that dislike gays do entertain him

  11. Der is God oooo It non of my bzness u have ur own questions to answer to wen we get to heaven . Bro good luck oooohh Weldon oo

  12. Definitely he’s a gay and what are they doing abt it…Nofn…I tot gayism and lesbianism have penalties… BT I don’t understand why they make bobrisky a star instead of him sleeping behind bars serving for being a gay…wtf is happening

  13. This guy self hmmmmm he looks like a monster may God forgive him and his foolishness mugu

  14. I think law enforcement should arrest and investigate this Bobrisky before he will influence many Nigerian into this mess gradually his getting unnecessary popularity and teenagers are finding it funny

  15. Why are you entertaining him, he is gay, he don’t deserve to be shown here, please stop entertaining him let me see load

  16. Thiss is the devils agent that came to destroy people, you will see many will imitate him. This world is coming to an end let everyone be as wise as serpent

  17. y are this social media, making,this retard monkey look like a star!!,for crying out loud I thought homosexuality, have penalities.. y v d law not caught up with him! dis guy need to go hang himself, he isn’t worth it…..

  18. C how bobrisky became popular without doing any special tin…I tink he’s dween all this to b famous

  19. A whole lot them fools be creeping out them pits already, thanks to this confused being right here. Peeefff!

  20. Please what are this people waiting for before they deal with this bobrisky of a guy …gay is against the law but with gay he is now a celebrity , are dey encouraging evil or what….

  21. BObrisky pls while going.. branch at Tiwa’s house nd get two carton of Pampers cos u will be needing it very soon.

  22. This GIST REEL. Com u guys r mad… If u don’t have any thing to post then fold up and stop wasting my data.. Habah! what is all this nonsense …. Making this idiotic animal to feel so important….. Fools. .. …

  23. Babrisky or wat so ever u re calling urself I just dey pity u cos u don’t no wat u re doing I just feel sorry for u


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