Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Bobrisky Sacks Pretty P.A Few Days After Hiring And Flaunting Her

Bobrisky Sacks Pretty P.A Few Days After Hiring And Flaunting Her


A few days after Bobrisky took to social media to show off his P.A, the Nigerian male barbie revealed he has fired her.

Bobrisky also said he’s looking for a new P.A that will help him make more money.

Read his rants in the above photos.



  1. Why won’t he sack him, When he is not getting anything from her. He cannot sit on her manhood nah so that she wills all her property to him. Foolish fool

    • #chukwuebukapascal, you don’t have to ask me that question, if we are to meet face to face, i am not boasting but you can’t stand me. So since you don’t understand english, i will explain what i said. Bobrisky said he will sit on men’s manhood and the man will will all his property to him (bobrisky). so i said why won’t he sack the girl since the girl does not have manhood for him to sit on. Pls endeavor to read well before showing your ignorance in public

    • And the man “will Will” all his properties.. stop being diplomatic.. and get a life .. ejoooo

    • #chukwuebukapascal, do you really know what a “will” in terms of property is all about, a will is a legal document stating how a property of a deceased will be formally shared. So when i said “And the man will will all his properties” i am not wrong. I really should meet the person teaching you English, he or she have failed in some aspect. pls make research and study how to pronounce two similar words with different meanings in the same sentence, before coming to the public to attack people, its an advice though

    • ChukwuEbuka Paschal stop showing your ignorance in public. The first will in the sentence means a future tense and the second will means a legal document containing how a property will be shared. So the word “will will” means the man giving his property in future. If you don’t know English, endeavor to learn. Loveth Jachinma don’t pay him attention abeg, its obvious he doesn’t know anything.

  2. This guy again.. You guys are slowly turning him into a celeb…. He didn’t have to work or do something tangible to get attention. Nawa oh… And who cares on what happens to his PA. I’m really fed up with this whole bobrisky thing

  3. When he flunt her, my tot was did he like ladies as a gay? But now he answered my question… But wats his profession dat his acquiring secretary? Bobby pls repent. The kingdom of God is @hand

  4. Won’t blame him. If that she was an handome and cute male PA, he wouldnt have thought of firing him…. Idiot

  5. Lol. Work for you? Do you work yourself? Do you think whatever is giving you money is work? You need a mental reevaluation. All these na stunts sha. Just to keep u in media


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