Viral News Bobrisky Shows Off His Sexy Female PA, SEE PHOTOS

Bobrisky Shows Off His Sexy Female PA, SEE PHOTOS


Bobrisky has copped a sexy female PA. The Nigerian male barbie took to Snapchat to show off his PA.

Bobrisky also revealed he bought her the hair she made yesterday and he will still make her skin glow!

See more photos below.



  1. OMG!! Not again with this bobrisky or wateva of a *thing…. He is a DISASTER for crying out loud!

  2. Bobrisky! Bobrisky!! Bobrisky!!! How many times did I call you, Receive brain in Jesus name Amen.

  3. My father My father Any Margot DAT is celebrating on ur son head let dem die by fire in Jesus name AMEN .

  4. D thing way dey hungry u D’s boy eh….ojukokoro !!!! Longer throat!!! U too like big big things….meanwhile u b small tin!!!!

  5. Ona go dey ask WatiN concern ona lik say na person force u are beg u to comment…… sabi sabi pple

  6. U this beautiful girl why re u wasting ur pretty sexy face with that an evil genderless person called himself bottle & risky

  7. Don’t worry we are still gathering firewood, we’ll roast you soon cause you are not safe anywhere now. If you like run to Saudi Arabia, they will peel your bleached skin with koboko. I can only promise you that will roast you half done so that your ancestor (devil) can finish up the roasting


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