Entertainment News Celebrity Gist Bobrisky slays in Ankara outfit and choker as his bae allows him...

Bobrisky slays in Ankara outfit and choker as his bae allows him to attend party with him….


 Nigerian female cross-dresser, Bobrisky stepped out in an Ankara blouse a choker and his signature shoes…

See more pics below…



  1. Enof of all this gay stuff u always update Can’t u do something better Every time bobrisky…not funny

  2. Why has bobrisky not being arrested,prosecuted and put into jail for boldly showing us all he is an homosexual?!..

  3. Only God knows how this goat yanch go be self see as he carry woman thing for head oh lord 4give me I hate him

  4. na now i understand say this Bobrisky carry plenty ads and traffics thats why GistReel de always promote am

  5. U claim to b a man and detest women. Y do u dress lyk a woman ??? Everything abt dm u depict…. hmmmm ur level of stupidity is boundless!!

  6. All in the name of money and fame, “all worldly things will be left to the world”

  7. Please help and give us another gist,enough of this madrisky shelamb.He doesn’t slay in anything he is onye ara nkwo ogbe market in ihiala

  8. Will you guys stop propagating this foolishness! A lot of kids are on social media now and therefore should not be exposed to these rubbish you guys post in the name of news. Mtwwww

  9. I think this social media are are being paid to advertise this rotten ugly fools…what is that news u guys posted going to give or inform us…nna eh…Nigerians…

  10. Gistreel.com, if you be gay… tell us o. I don’t know what is exciting about this bobrisky u r always promoting

  11. Every evil spirits that want to manipulate the brain of my son’s and daughters like that of bobrisky Holy Ghost Fire fire!!!!!

  12. Plzzz should somebody tell me d kind of human being dis guy is …..dey should be showing us somtin reasonable nt dis homosexualist

  13. You are on your own,Africans are saying no to this shit.When you visit public toilet were do you turn to? What ever you are promoting God will destroy it.

  14. I wonder why dis boy or gal has not been arrested yet, the annoying part is that social media is making this guy more popular. Rubbish.

  15. I would have said This Bobrisky matter should be attended to but we have other matters more serious. Time will tell on how long he/she is gonna last.

  16. The sense that this poster don’t have is paining me. For posting bobrisky uselessness on social media. Ever since it all started it’s my first comment on the insane life he lead and it gonna be my last comment on his yadi yodi shidi life.

  17. All dz blogs, u guys r giving him attention… Una dy promote dz guy yet u act lik u dnt lik him being a transgender…… Hypocrites!

    • He’s not a transgender, he’s a homo. Transgender do completely transmorglify into another gender but the idiot is still man with a black casava in his pants

  18. Lmao!!!!ehn,oshey…baddest!!!!!….abeg mk una free d guy,its his life,at least it’s beta to him dan being poor!!padi mi wen r u getting pregnant for bae jare

  19. Oh God!!!!…which Kain thing be this na?…why won’t people just leave this guy alone to waste away…their trying to make him a celebrity but it’s just not working..he’s too foolish to fit in…

  20. Government nova see dis boy to arrest am abi. Na until him enter street but they will know who to tell tu baba not to protest Mtwwwwww

  21. Nawa Ooo!I don’t even know hw to address her sowi I mean him,lol….has d mum done bad in given birth to male child turned female.eleyi gidigan Oo

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  24. Dey will not see dis 1 now but dey will arrest nnamdi kalu because his fighting 4 freedom…….. Good people always get d ugly taste of d world

  25. Please gistreal.com I’m on my knee to beg u, pls you people should make me popular. Tag It, THIS GIRL SAID SHE’LL TAKE MERCY JOHNSON’S PLACE WHEN SHE SHOWS ON NOLLYWOOD. Instead if the idiot. Thanks I appreciate.

  26. And just how will this news update bring back our president or stop Nigeria’s recession? Mtscheew!!!

  27. Lol…. Gee I wonda wah gender he always say he is when he’s making any IDcard… Av any airport tried bouncin him 4 usin 2sex at all???

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  29. gistreel why do u keep on advertising this guy madness? abi news done finish for your hand?

  30. #Gistreel pls give us good news r u advertising his market or does he pay u,kid’s access social media pls bring up educative post.this is no fun

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  32. Abeg o make una nor vex o , but una sure say this guy get manhood so? hHmmm raw signs of the end time.

  33. Mtwwwwww he no fit sew man style na woman style e con sew. Oh God open the eyes of ur son bob let him know what he is doing is wrong, dear God arrest this night where ever he is let the new day bring changes to his life in Jesus name. Amen

  34. Dis bae of mine can slay,Idris ur line,I love ur looks dakuest anytime, abeg make I b amugbalegbe,Mke den yarn,Bobrisky ni jorrrrrr


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