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Bobrisky Spotted in Traffic Hiding in a Toyota Pencil Light Without an AC, SEE PHOTOS + VIDEO


Bobrisky was busted yesterday! A man said he saw Bobrisky in Lekki traffic hiding in a Toyota pencil Light without AC, peeping and making sure he wasn’t noticed.

The man took to social media to share the gist. Take a close look at the photo above and you will see Bobrisky hiding.

Watch the video below.

“You are a stupid he-goat” — Bobrisky calls out Daddy Freeze



    • frank porter williams. You are the one who need to get brain. Bobrisky is that gay that bleaches, always seeking for attention. so can’t he stay in a car without Ac?, mtchewwww

    • The sense you should get is that he always boast that he can walk freely anywhere an nothing will happen

    • Frank porter williams seriously i am now more than convinced that you lack brain and you need it. There is no correlation between what you are saying now and the post. He is only trying not to be noticed because he is in a car without Ac. People xpect that someone who suddenly gained popularity should not be seen in a car without Ac, but you cannot understand that because you lack brain.

    • HE is a proud guy. Driving in a car without ac is not a crime but how he placed himself caused this attention. Pole are especting him to leave up to what he claims he is

    • Wisdom Iheanyichukwu Johnbosco you are the one that understood the post, not that guy without brain.

  1. Y de man no go talk wen en dey de form nonsense… he shud grow up… he shud learn how to Kim his nonsence gay mouth shut… rubbish

  2. Lol….this is not supposed to mean anythn if not bcus bobrisky himself will not allow Nigerians rest with his/her rantings

  3. some people just expects moon to shine full at all times……people are allowed to do wat dey see fit afterall he didnt break any traffic law

  4. ɦօա tɦɛ ʍaռ taҡɛ ռօ saʏ tɦɛ ċaʀ ռօ ɢɛt aċ ,ռa sօ ɖɛռ saʏ tɦɛʏ sɛɛ aʍ sռɛaҡɨռɢ tօ ɛċօռօʍɨċ ċʟass ʄօʀ aɨʀċʀaʄt


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