Art & Humour Photo Of The Day Bobrisky’s face without Snapchat filters

Bobrisky’s face without Snapchat filters


Not all that glitters is gold… Or rather, thanks to Snapchat filter for filtering the obvious.

This photo of Bobrisky is making wave around social media and it aint funny at all.

His spotless face as he made everyone think was rather spot-ful and irritating.




  1. Pls why on earth will u bleach ur self cuz u are gay!!!sometimes i wonder if he checks the mirror or seats down and think if what he did made sense!Derele’s own he did it with sense!!!i am just wonderimg if this brobosky guy has llans of ever getting married!!!!!

  2. Irritating… Pls gistreel don’t give update about him again all dis makes him feel important… Let’s ignore him

  3. Gist reel why? Why? Why must yhu help in the promotion of this waste sperm, why must yhu remind us of the existence of this abomination, Bia gistreel kpachara anye gi ooo

  4. Bobrisky, who did this to you? I can’t just imagine the 9 months pregnancy, pains, labour pains, he midnight cries, upbringing cost, naming ceremony RICE AND TOMATOES wasted, everythin your mother went thru.. U end up this foolish.. Pack foolishness for the whole country carry put for head.. Continue

  5. Bobrisky abi na bobdanger,u look like an albino chimpanzee…may God deliver u frm whatever u are possessed with coz u are sick…

  6. All social media is all about bobrisky… Nawaooo… People just want to mk this man popular.. Shame on our social media

  7. Bobrisky u luk lik an oracle no need 2 luk 4 d devil u luk jus lik him u bleach ur life finish u tink u ar femus

  8. Willi Willi… That fool is sick… We were praying for Derele to be healed and here come worst version of Derele. Very ugly bull’s hit

  9. Una dey jealous…mk una admit am….cos I don’t c any reason una o dey comment fr matters concerning him/she if una gt better tinx to do…media sef na una de mk am popular…

  10. This dude is ugly asf. The way he insults people on IG you’ll think he’s one angel or sth. This kind ugliness no get part 2 oh.

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  12. Fine boy looking monkish…. Family awon Chimpanzee. Ladies that purchase his cream, come see

  13. Is it just only me or is there anyone else that thinks that this guy’s head is d same with a bicycle seat

  14. Taaaaaaah. BOBRISKY u ugly die pls let me not see u in my dream cuz i will roast u till u turn back to ur dirty colour idiot

  15. Anytime I come across this guy’s pics I understand what real hatred feels like, n I can’t help it

  16. Ma grandmother dats 100 years is still pretty Dan dis bitch, I hate dis guy wit passion ehe

  17. Gistreel you guys are correct I saw him at commercial avenue YABA. Look at his ankles all bleeched off

  18. But this guy no get shame at all,,, just look at his face so ugly Gosh na man be dis God will not forgive u at all…fool


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