Viral News Breaking News: Protesters in the UK Demand 5mins Speech From President Buhari

Breaking News: Protesters in the UK Demand 5mins Speech From President Buhari


Breaking News: Protesters in the UK Demand 5mins Speech From President BuhariWhile the peaceful protest is ongoing in Lagos, Abuja and other areas of the country, Nigerians in the UK have shown a solidarity support to their fellow citizens.

Nigerians in the UK have joined in the peaceful protest, bearing their placards and the Nigerian flag.

The protesters converged at the Nigerian High Commission in the UK, demanding an audience from the president who is present on leave in London.

According to reports, they demanded a-5mins speech from President Buhari who is yet to make a statement with regards to the ongoing protests across the country.

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As at the time of report, there is news of the conclusion of the Abuja protest.



  1. For what, what do they want him to say, just be patient till his back, all the matter will be solve

  2. Yes!!..This is more like it!!.Is Buhari dead already?,and the cabals are already making some plans of not relinquishing power to Vice president Osibanjo for fear of losing the Northern hold of power?!!..I have a feeling Tinubu is probably chilling out somewhere and observing the whole saga and drama as it unfolds because he already had it planned since inception, I wonder how a 70+ old man would cope with the rigours of Leading a country like Nigeria!!!..*As for me I just dey observe everything under a mango tree sipping Zobo!!

  3. Oh my God, I really love Nigerians. Dear Presido! Talk to them or they will carry the news of ur . . . WETIN U WAN HEAR? No be frm my mouth o.

  4. Wow! Interesting , 5mins speech, my fellow nigerians let’s be patient,God is our strenght.let thy will of God be done!

  5. Wow! This is so amazing… I can’t believe this. Thanks to those nigerians in the UK for not forgetting this nation and supporting the protest. We all want a better nation where we can breathe good air amd live in her happily. This CHANGE isn’t favourable to most nigerians at all. Good work. Kudos

  6. Buhari is not in the country he would have been aware of the protest. long live Nigerians will need good governance than this .

  7. Abeg make una wait small una President dey…kitchen after that sitting room and than the other room…so have patient he will soon be with u guys….lol

  8. 5mins speech fow what na, let them alow our presdo to rest in PEACE…#YaraduaPart2Loading

  9. The only solution to this problem is for us to come together and beg president Buhari to please step down.

  10. That will be better…..naija na naija even for yanki we no dey doll….pls i also want to see the video nd it should be lie on all public stations

  11. Yes, this is exactly what we, the citizens want Let him speak up and talk to us For crying out, we Nigerians need to know his real status

  12. Yes, this is exactly what we, the citizens want Let him speak up and talk to us For crying out, we Nigerians need to know his real status

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  14. Even for UK nice one Nigerian, our president should come out and speak for himself now,or he don travel go mecca

  15. May God bless U guys. Enough is enough.. They shd stop taking us back ward. Is not fair…good luck do him own go.. Buhari.. Don come now do worse! Enough is over enough

  16. He is already a walking dead just give him tym al dis poverty wil end soon wicked old Man death is inevitable

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  18. Buhari came n now u are complaining… Isn’t Jonathan better than Buhari self… Aba Nija, i wonder what Ghanaians will do too when…

  19. 9ja people sha? I remember how you people judged GEJ and now some people are commenting say una want am back? Typical Israelites syndrome dey worry una. Anyway sha, all of them Na the same, no honest politicians in Nigeria… may God help our country. I live abroad but I empathise with those going through hardships through this hard economy, God help his people.

  20. Presido is in d blossom Allah wit 20 virgins on both sides, they should allow him enjoy his work well done on earth.yowaa.

  21. may be currently he is in China and not uk but will be back soon…..lolz…..#walkaholic not ma business thoo.��������

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