News Buhari meets with Saraki, Dogara, other lawmakers in London (photos)

Buhari meets with Saraki, Dogara, other lawmakers in London (photos)


President Muhammadu Buhari is currently in a meeting with Senate President Bukola Saraki and the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, at Abuja House in London.

The Senate Leader, Ahmed Lawan, is also in attendance.

According to the TheCable, the Deputy Speaker Yusuf Lasun could not make the meeting despite being scheduled to be there.

Recall that last week, the national leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Ahmed Tinubu, also paid Buhari a visit.

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The President has been in the UK on medical vacation since January 19



  1. Mr Senate president, you should have taken some clothes to the president, because it seems like clothes are expensive over there. Pls I don’t want to see him appear in this clothes again when you people show us his picture

  2. So he finally changed his cloth? If he is fully recovered,he shud cum bk.instead of spending d nation’s treasury der..i tire for nigeria

  3. Yeah!!..We thank the lord for this news,but haters will say it is photoshop….We all are expecting Mr.President soon!!!

  4. wicked people u wish dt he ws dead now u knw he is nt dead,nw u ar insultin,jst becus u knw he is transparent,how much of ur money is he spendin,abeg go hum and talk ur own,BUHARI is GOD sent,& he we deliva its jst a matter of time.

  5. Four days from now ,it will be a month a president left his country….. that’s corruption If a teacher or a banker or Even any civil servant leaves office or extend more than a specific time for his leave.,,,he will be queried and then sacked… But look at the president ,one month and not in office…’s unfair

    • U are wrong. Any human being can fall sick. That’s why we have sick leave on the civil service. That Pres Buhari went to London to treat his ailment is not something that people should jubilate about. Let us allow Pres Buhari to recuperate very well so that he will be able to over see the affairs of our great nation. There is nothing like corruption there.

    • Nigeria is our Country. So it is all our Business. Remember, he wrote a letter that he will travel to attend to his health. Where is the corruption there ? The man should be allowed to get well very soon. Insha Allah !!!

    • Hahahaha. Makakwa wetin na aaa ? Abeg,allow me to correct this your thought naaaa . Inugo ? Lol

  6. Is only in Nigeria u see d citizen praying for there president to die… My president, more strength dats if dis pix is real

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  8. Final he did change his cloths , Allah must be praise , the phone call from Donald trump made him change his cloths Lolz

  9. My own be say Buhari should come back and change the change he has started.. Maybe after changing it he can go back there and complete his sickness

  10. Isoryt we the clone president abi? When una finish lying lemme know it the meantime I’m outta here

  11. Some nigerians are just hoping president buhari is alive, some are praying for him to die, while some are already jubilating that he is dead. For me, that one no concern me. My own be say make him come back and join us to enjoy the change he brought to us b4 leaving for the UK bcos he is using style to rest over there or is he also suffering there too…

  12. Isaac, that man is death oo, all once ar fallacies, computers efficacious adjustment… Don’t be so sure we mis his too, but they is nothing we can do nwn.

  13. Thank God now the price of petrol will come down I can see them put finishing touches to seven new refineries Oh God come and help Nigeria Where thy face papa Cod?

  14. Change has also affected d seat of power! London is now d aso rock. See as dey ar wastin our moni to visit london as if its dir village. Dir is God o

  15. Fuck all of you with fake news. Fuck the press, duck the lawmakers, fuck the federal government. Lies are the only truth you all can cook. Was buhari voted into power to go and live in London? What exactly is going on in this country.? So we all should travel to London to visit our pregnant president.? What sought of democracy are we practicing when the government can not be transparent to the electorate.? Firstly he went for sick leave, secondly, he is on vacation,thirdly he is on leave, he is coming back in ten days, presidential jet is undergoing maintenance.. How many lies….? He should better resign if at all he is breathing. That man got nothing to offer.


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