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Buhari told me he wants a VP who can hold the nation together if he dies – Pastor Bakare


Tunde Bakare, serving overseer of the Latter Rain Assembly, has revealed that Pres. Buhari chose him as running mate in 2011, because he wanted a vice-president who can hold the nation together if he dies in power.

Both men contested the election under the platform of the then CPC. Addressing his congregants in Ogba, Lagos, last month, Bakare said Buhari rejected former Pres. Obasanjo’s choice of Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, former minister of finance.

He said all what transpired during that period had been documented in the book: ‘Strategic Intervention in Governance’, a book he authored. “After I was called and I went to Abuja, and I sat with Mr President or General Buhari then, I said why me?

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‘I’m not a politician’, ‘I do not belong to any political party’, ‘I am not carrying card of any party, why me’? “He gave me all the reasons, they are written in the book; Strategic Intervention in Governance.

He gave three reasons, but the one that made everyone around me that day to dove their hats was when he said: I am not as young as you think, and even Yar’Adua that is younger is dead.

“In case I die, I know you can hold the nation together. That was when Jim (he didn’t give his surrname) removed his cap and said egbon, you must agree.”

Bakare said on another day, he sat with Buhari and said, “Sir, I need to understand something before I do anything. Every running mate of yours, including the one that was even your deputy in the military, is dead.

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“Ume-Ezeoke is dead, Okadigbo is dead, Idiagbon is dead, I am not about to die?” Bakare said Buhari told him; “Pastor, you must be very funny, I have never even thought about it.”

“I knew he had nothing to do with their deaths, but that man carries a dimension of grace that if you deal with him, and betray him, you pay with your life,” Bakare said. “So I said to him, hear me now, ‘I will never betray you.”

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  1. Na wahoo, everybody is now saying Buhari told me this Buari told me that. Na which one we go follow?

  2. Hey hey, this people have come with another one again. There is nothing I wee not see in this my country o

  3. So Buhari knew that he will die in office Satan wot are you still waiting for..? Come and unplug his life support and charge ur phone.

  4. So pastor bakare, u’re indirectly telling us, our God given and mr change pmb is death, or reminding Nigerians wat he told u. But u never told us how much he gave u for tp. But my president is alive #istandforpmbreturnand changeofpower. So help us God amen.

  5. So that means,the president is dead!Then why are you guys concealing his dead from Nigerians?

  6. So he knows he was gonna die and yet he put this country in this shit situation and will soon leave her! I comment my reserve! That’s heartless!!!!

  7. He is trying to say pmb is dead…. Or is he saying that if pmb die, he (bakare) should be held responsible

  8. Even most of this our pastors can not be trusted today buhari say tomorrow buhari did not say. If u called to be a savant of God the do it well and if u want to be a politician then politician well. I know that politicians are very Conny and not strait forward so if a man of God is into such that means he is also not a trust worthy person. Buhari said this to pastor and pastor kept it away from everyone. Why then are u saying it out now if u know hat buhari is alive. God go judge every body soon and not until we die oo na here him go start

  9. Let him come bk and hold the nation togethr ..Why is he running away.? the innocent blood he shed in the name of one nigeria will hunt him until law of karma

  10. Wait, are u sure he said something like that? That means he don’t trust VP Osinbajo and his rulership. And he also know he will die. So, why still leaving Nigeria in the hands of Osinbajo when u know that u can die anytime from now. Nawa for u Buhari. Wetin u still dey wait for…

  11. This is super story!!!!!….Bakare na today????He even told u that u will rule Naija one time ago…#lol

  12. Wat he is saying is that osibanjo is incable, wat i want to knw why did he now pick osibanjo if he knew he is nt capable???????nd pls tell us who is so that u can die

  13. If he is dead is suppose to be news? What of innocent souls he has sent to grave due to starvation. His death means nothing . Abachas death is even hundred percent than his to Nigerians

  14. If truly he told u that, then why will he tell u that. So, for your mind he wants u to be d VP?


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