News Buhari Won’t Spare Any Corrupt Politician, APC Party Members Included- Osibanjo

Buhari Won’t Spare Any Corrupt Politician, APC Party Members Included- Osibanjo


Buhari Won't Spare Any Corrupt Politician, APC Party Members Included- Osibanjo
APC Vice presidential candidate, Prof Yemi Osinbajo said if Muhammadu Buhari is elected as the President of Nigeria on March 28, he won’t spare any corrupt politician.

Osinbajo made this statement in Kaduna today, when reacting to the claims that some of the top members of APC are corrupt.

Osinbajo said “On the various issue of corruption, what General Buhari has said categorically is that as far as he is concerned, the day he is sworn-in as president, he would have drawn a line. Anybody who runs foul of the law, anything that is been investigated before will continue as it is.

“If you are found to be corrupt, you will receive the consequence, no matter who you are. Whether you are his brother, sister, his friends there will be consequences. That is what he has said and I think that is in line with the position of the party.

“He is just to straight forward to do that. You know he can never do that. There is no way is going to sign any agreement, so let us be very clear. I don’t even need to ask him that. Buhari will never be part of any under hand deal. I know him well enough that he will never sign anything of such. The man is healthy and strong and by the grace of God, he will run two terms in office”,Do not take any of these things seriously at all. By God’s grace, we will win election and you will observe for yourself”

Prof Yemi also said PDP are being paranoid over the use of card readers in the forthcoming elections. “The PDP that is in the past was happy to use the card reader is no longer prepared to use the card reader and we insist that it must be used. That is all. And if you look in the Newspapers, you will see all kind of advertisements condemning Professor Jega who they all loved initially. But when it now appears that we the APC will win the election, they are now afraid.

“It is bad and horrible that even some of our documentaries which just point out the failings of government are not allowed by the regulatory body. We are not even attacking any personality the way they are doing, but the regulatory body refuses to accept them, so we have a play field that is not level.

”I think because the regulatory bodies are controlled by the federal government, we are not even given fear hearing.”

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