Viral News The More You Burn Shrines, The More I Tear Bibles- Nigerian Man...

The More You Burn Shrines, The More I Tear Bibles- Nigerian Man Declares


A Nigerian man named Udummiri Nwakalu took to Facebook to make it known that the more shrines Nigerians burn, the more bibles he will tear.

He also shared a video of himself tearing the bible which has raised a lot of debate and comments online.

Watch the video below.



  1. Doesn’t matter. Frankly, nobody cares, friend. Nigerians are concerned about their next meal than the bibles you are ripping up.

  2. No matter how many bibles you tear, the word of God standeth sure and can never be broken. Do you not know that when moses broke the ten commandments out of anger, he went back to God to get new ones, but God told him that he devised a new means of making his law known to his people, and that is for it to be planted into our hearts. So Udummiri Nwakalu go on, but know that you can NEVER destroy the word of God in our hearts. So congrats on your stupidity

  3. Read what he said(Speaking in Igbo) Some people do not believe wen I tore d bible last time, they said it was a mere pictures and now I want to do it again so dat they know its not picture dat its was real. Something happened in Ekwulobia(A town in anambra state), Fr Ebube Muonso ( A popular and powerful catholic priest in anambra) went and destroyed our shrine in Ekwulobia and everyone kept mute but if I tear this useless bible u people will start to criticize me. A whole shrine dat has been in existence even before Ebube Muonso became a priest he went and destroyed it because of this satanic book( Tearing The holy Bible) this nonsense, this rubbish. Don’t worry I thought u people said I will b mad, nonsense, is this not me.? Have I run mad? Everybody were saying rubbish. This is from Satan (the holy Bible) the devil. Eeeh the book of Numbers chapter what? Nonsense, nonsense, nonsense, nonsense, rubbish, idol. The madness should start now let me see. Nonsense people, I must continue to tear d bible, this is eeeeh catholic bible, I will go to d market and buy King James Version, and tear it Cus I see dat its d one driving people crazy. I will go and buy it rubbish, because of this nonsense u went and burnt our shrine. I’m angry, I’m angry, I’m angry, Satan, Satan, Devil, Rubbish..

  4. *Kontinu oh!.my brother!!..the gospel that you will preach is still loading from heaven!!!..I just pray you do not die in this your disgraceful behaviour because the hell fire wey dem don prepare for you still dey burn in multiple folds!!

  5. The thunder that will fire you would come with doctors prescription. Twice in the morning, three times in the afternoon and twelve times in the night.

  6. Funny enough people like this will end up being save by the grace. Wat a merciful God. I pray for forgiveness for u though

  7. Lol. You don’t understand something do you? You tearing the word of God doesn’t mean you’ve destroyed our God unlike your shrine. God will fight for himself. I advice you to trace back your steps because the kind thunder that wee soon fire u is still doing pressup

  8. pastor tb Joshua need to touch you…..I don’t think you are the one speaking. it must be Lucifer that is inside you..

  9. May God have mercy on you and help you find light through that book your tearing apart for idol sake…. You are saul of your time

  10. He looks like sacrificial chicken to the Gods, this guy is the type that will be in village n be manipulating people’s life out of illiterate Wickedness.the bible can b torn into pieces but the words whch r in the bible can’t be torn I can see he is mad….because a mad man is a dead man…. Long Live the word of God

  11. If you tear Bible who will it affect if not for u….the thunder that will fire you will come from Zimbabwe. Stupid idol worshiper

  12. Christians or pastors shld not burn shrines, dey shld allow God to judge or burn d shrine if it pleases him, interfering in other people religion is a sin before God, just do d one you believe and leave the rest for God

  13. It’s interesring to read comments and reaction people express due to Mr, but there is a point he is trying to make which is not everyone’s ancestors left them with foundational curses most actually left thier generation with foundational blessings. He doesn’t want them burning those shrines and selling the artifacts to Europeans or Americans who later embellish them and raise alters to them .

  14. News flash you tear up one book not the entire word of God and the guilt in your heart when you go to bed.

  15. Lol. N does Dat change God’s words? Well Dr r so many ppl like u out Dr who HV met with dis same God u blaspheme. God help u

  16. U knw I wish we cud all read dis n not comment. We self dey gv am attention. #cheap publicity.

  17. You’re just punishing yourself… You need to be taken to psychiatrist hospital… God never look your side. He doesn’t have your time. You tear book not d word of God. His word is ye n amen. Truth n light. His word can never be torn…. Receive brain In Jesus Name. Amen

  18. U will keep destroying ur generation n generation to come it is written and curse shall be unto the forth generation

  19. You wil surely use that bible u r tearing to preach d gospel n win souls for christ…its just a matter of time.Saul did worst dan dis to christains b4 he became Paul buh today,u cant talk abt d gospel without mentioning his name…God is waiting for u to be his messenger n u hav no choice my dear..keep getting ready

  20. d more d tear d bible d more thousands of it is been produce…. y nt go n attack d man DAT burn ur shrine if u fink ur strong ……ur shrine could av speak 4 him self nah….mad ova rubbish….

  21. This guy is really irritating. I can see a clear sign that gods of his fathers has taken hold of him. It’s a pity. But l pray he be delivered for he knows not what he is doing.

  22. Make him tear, later na that same Bible him go use preach.. Abi he never hear the story of Saul that later become paul?? The Lord like using people like you.. Stay bless…

  23. haha, there are billions of bible in the world and that your few shrines. you are wasting your money in buying the bibles in the name of tearing them

  24. U cant destroyed d word of God nomather wat u do tear everything it doesn’t stop us from reading or stop publisher’s from publishing it n we wil not get tired of buying it idiot com n tear d one’s in my house dats wen u wil kW DAT ur an evil spirit not human being.

  25. This is what we called legion of demons in that man..i dont know why God dont want to purnish this kind men

  26. Who think Christian will be angry at you or what..the word of God is in our heart not the hard copy of papers you are tearing. Ignorance is a disease

  27. Where does he get the bibles in the first place? He buys them. Man keep tearing your money. Different, different madness na him dey?

  28. Who cares! At least everyone naw has a bible on their phone n they are more compare 2 ur nonsense shrine! So we na go 4low u take ur curse!!!! B4 God even curse u u don curse ur sef b4 we wey dey earth go curse u n den frm d Almighty!


  30. Why can’t he burn the Bible too and see what will happened to him next because the God whom we serve is a dangerous God.

  31. Stupidity at its best! Go and buy all the Bibles in the world and tear them. Or better still, all Bible producing companies. Nonsense…..

  32. Pathetic fool just looking for attention. You are too small for me to worry about talk more of my father in heaven. He always remains a merciful God so when ever you are done with your foolish display of depression turn madness you can turn to him for forgiveness he will surely have mercy on you but just be fast about it before it’s too late

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  34. Instead of saying ‘d Nigerian man’, simply say ‘d Nigerian weather ‘, rainy season. Mtcheeeeeeewwwwwww!!!!!!

  35. Yes now na bible you go fit tear now,tear other religious book and publish am if you no dey fear man.Coward!

  36. They should take him to a strong church for serious deliverance the spirit tormenting him right now is great!!! Because he will soon enter the streets neked

  37. What really matters is who is on d throne, Jesus Christ. Keep on tearing ur destiny, senseless fool.

  38. Who cares if he’s tearing Bibles. Abeg who go follow am live for hin mansion wey dey hell??

  39. Listen here fool, you must be stupid fam, ure stupid, u must be mad. A fake shrine, useless god, god that cannot even do shit, can ur god move.? or can he talk, my dear that thing is just a log of wood. My dear better change, if u continue like this, u will die o, and trust God, Dat Satan Dat u are barking up and down, God will soon take u there and believe me when I tell u, ull really enjoy fire, bcos u r already putting ur hands into it and trust me hell fire no be ordinary fire. Everlasting bastard, see his face like baboon, I just pray Dat lightning and thunder will strike ur useless ass, oliriburuku.

  40. You can only tear the Bible but the real word of God is Jesus, what can you do about Him? All power is given to Him on earth and in heaven

  41. Good for you o,cos its just your money you are wasting not destroying the word of God….imagine publicity seekers…rubblish

  42. Lol.. No body is holding u back, continue tearing and d word of Almighty God remains d same…never depart in this world…everlasting…

  43. hmmmm o boy!!! see MUMU abeg tear it d wold of GOD is not d BOOK! love it or Live it,……if u like go Internet go delit soft copy ooh hooo……..

  44. Kai!!! i no read am b4 i comment e b like say na him dem tak do sacrifice der, 4rm how em dey talk u go no say edon kolo


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